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October 30, 2010

Moreland, Costumes, and Pumpkins—Oh My!

Moreland, Costumes, and Pumpkins—Oh My!

So we’re over halfway finished here at Semester, and the clocks have been rigged to only go faster (it seems). This Saturday we had our Farvest Hall Festival—a day full of games, activities, and a costume party to boot as a welcomed reprieve anxiously looked forward to by all of us here. Many visitors from Manitou Springs (including Eric Einarsen) graced us with their enthusiastic and participating presence. Too many to name, some of the activities were a costume party, a ping-pong tournament, a team scavenger hunt, a shooting competition, a team pumpkin carving challenge, and, the biggest event of all, the first annual Summit Semester 5k race. The staff outdid themselves in creative preparation for our day of festivities and helped to make it a day to remember.


Running in the 5k race myself, I started to think about how the 5 states of consciousness that Prof Moreland taught us were all prevalent in my mind. I had the sensation of my legs and lungs laboring, the thought of wondering what my time would be, the belief that if I pushed myself I could be placed, the desire to run hard as if to win the prize, and the act of will that kept pushing my body faster. J. P. Moreland taught this week with an exceptional knowledge of the workings of philosophy and logic that made clear the role of thinking educatedly and with clarity about the nature of God, apologetics, and living the Christian life. The subjects covered included cases for Christianity and God’s existence, Epistemology: How do we know? What is knowledge?, Laws of Logic, Truth, Metaphysics: the philosophical study of reality, Consciousness, the Soul, Freewill, and how to more successfully live out the Christian life.


I had a particular appreciation for Dr. Moreland as a lover of mathematics. J. P. stands out in my mind as the first person with whom I’ve personally interacted with that shares the belief that by studying mathematics we can come to better understand the beauty and nature of God and his creation. We had a one on one conversation during an evening meal, and he encouraged me in the extent of potential contributions to the Christian community that I could make pursuing math. Part of the work for God’s Kingdom that I could do includes helping Christians to understand science and math in relation to God through the Christian worldview and being a Christian expert in the battle of dominant worldviews.


One of the best things about Semester has been the outstanding community here. We’re all pursuing life’s big questions and doing our best to live like Christ. That, coupled with the fact that every single one of us endeavors to move in the same direction, strengthens us as a group and our growth individually. The caliber of character in the students here as well as the staff remains incomparable to any group of people I’ve been a part of. I realized (during our costume party as I looked around the room at everyone I have grown fond of) that as the conclusion of our semester experience draws ever closer, the concussive blow of time passing and reality (consisting of the fact that I will have to leave) looms depressingly larger. Frankly, I don’t like to think about it.


I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to come to Summit Semester. The personal growth and preparation for living as a Christian in the world has been invaluable. I’m looking forward to the next steps of God’s plan for my life after having taken, what I consider, the best step so far. Hope you enjoyed my blog post. Peace.

Blogger's Bio: After Semester, Timothy plans to earn a double major in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in finance.  Eventually, Timothy would like to teach math at a university level, perhaps even overseas. “I have always loved mathematics and to get to teach what I’m passionate about to unsuspecting victims assuming they are just taking another math course would make my day every day!”  Timothy has been involved in band, soccer, and track.  Timothy hopes to be involved in politics someday in addition to becoming a writer and a father.

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