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October 14, 2010

MLB Postseason

MLB Postseason

On October 12, 2010, the Texas Rangers won their first playoff series ever.  I mention this for numerous reasons.  First off, it proves that as a Rangers fan, all of my strenuous prayer and faith has not gone to waste.  Secondly, it proves that God (sorry Dr. Bauman) is obviously a Rangers fan this year, which means that naturally I am in His will more than any other MLB fan at Summit Semester.  I’m sure that God will forgive any other mislead fan who does not agree.  Thirdly, I have to live with a die hard Yankees fan and have to be taught by a die hard Phillies fan.  Parents, please pray for us at Summit Semester. Things might get nasty at the end of October. 


All kidding aside, I’ve come to truly appreciate all of my classmates at Summit Semester.  Each person brings their own unique personality and point of view to the table, making this group of thirty quite the interesting social circle.  As a month and a half quickly passes by, I’ve had the privilege of making friendships that will last a lifetime.  If I come away from this experience with nothing but that, it would still the worth the time spent.


But of course, that’s not the only thing I’ve taken from my time spent here.  Dr. Bauman challenges me every day with a new concept or idea to wrestle with.  It’s amazing to me how much I don’t know, or how much I thought I knew but truly don’t.  I’ve come to appreciate not only Dr. Bauman’s teaching method but also his invaluable wisdom outside of the classroom, which he is always ready and willing to share with us.  Yesterday he joked, “You have to realize that I’ll be in all of your heads for the rest of your lives.”  I think there is some truth to that, and I thank him for it. 

Blogger's Bio: With one year completed at Texas Technical University, studying Biology, Matthew says, “I feel like I am being called into some sort of ministry, but whether it be teaching, preaching, or missionary work, I am not sure yet.”  Matthew has owned and operated his own landscaping business for the last eight years.  He also enjoys volunteering with a mentoring program, FCA, and helping the needy in his community.  “I want to do everything I can to rebuild my faith and beliefs to get to a point where I can fulfill my calling.”

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  • October 19, 2010 // 07:27 pm //  # 
    Keith's avatar Keith

    Matthew, sounds like a terrific time. I’m jeaoulous of the fact that you not only get to meet Dr. Bauman, you have him for a whole semester! I’m sure God is a Rangers fan too…. wink

  • October 19, 2010 // 07:29 pm //  # 
    Keith's avatar Keith

    Hang on…. it says you’ve owned your own business for 8 years. If you are only twenty years old that means you were running a business from the age of 12! Bravo.

  • October 30, 2010 // 09:13 am //  # 
    Matthew McMeans's avatar Matthew McMeans

    Thank you good sir. It has been a great experience. On the landscaping business…the biographies were a little off occasionally. Only six years but thank you for the complement!


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