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December 02, 2011

Logos in Motion

Logos in Motion

The flowing steam of time may reflect a lot about a man’s life. For mine, glancing at the riverhead of just last spring, the beaming light of the sun revealed how shallow, murky, and dull my life had become. Over the course of attending only a semester of secular university, a river so wild and full of potential carved out a canyon of discovery then quickly sucked dry as I plummeted into a world I had no desire to be in nor was really ready for. I couldn’t say it took me by surprise as I failed to keep my life stream nourished and protected. I still reached a place I knew I did not want to dwell. Surrounded by darkness, my vision of helping redeem the world and myself became shrouded. Away from family and genuine and intentional relationships, it was one of those places in life where I really didn’t know where I was going (or rather forgot) but I knew where I was at the time was not right. I fell into a chasm and I wanted out desperately.  


The state of apathy and depression I fell into called for measures of renewal and truth. I needed to be reminded of my purpose and I needed better answers to life’s great questions—What is life? What is death? What is love? What is a human being? It was this realization that brought me out of the chasm and into a journey away from the lowly state of the world and towards a summit of knowledge and understanding. I was not the only one with questions, a need for breaking bad habits and creating better ones. I was not alone as a truth-seeker; there were many who would go on this journey with me.


We were sojourners: young men and women sent on a spiritual journey among the majestic mountains of Colorado. Though temporary, the experience continues to resonate within us. Everything we learned and witnessed echoes throughout eternity. When asked, “Why spend 12 weeks in the mountains away from home, family, friends, and opportunity?” Many of us smiled and knew exactly what to say, some were still unsure, a few had asked themselves the same question time and time again. Yet with confidence, each and every one of us still felt a calling—a draw to know our world, our creator, and ourselves in a profound way.


The word, the Logos, was set in motion; we were drowning in it before, now we glide through streams of wisdom with an utmost passion kindled by a love for learning. Robert Frost couldn’t have said it any better; we took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference. The memories of a community—of a family—whose lives have been changed forever: by each other and by their Lord Creator I will never forget.  This experience, the individual students whom I have come to love and cherish so much, and the wisdom obtained from an amazing faculty and staff has made all the difference in the world for me. No longer do I feel apathy; my life stream flows with rapid abundance, with extreme passion, and a renewed spirit I hope to share with countless others. I will never forget and I will be forever grateful for everything and everyone but most of all to my Heavenly Father who led me here to Summit Ministries—the greatest turning point of my life.

Rob’s goal is to advance his skills within the media and film industries. He is an experienced video editor, graphic artist, and photographer, and was a video intern at the Summit Summer Conferences in Manitou Springs before his arrival at Summit Semester. He has studied Christianity and communications at Houston Baptist University. He does freelance video editing through his company, Oak Tree Meadow Productions, specializing in digital editing and restoration. He hopes to use film to tell the stories of missionaries and ministries around the globe.


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