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November 11, 2010

Lights Out!

Lights Out!

So the night life here at summit is one that is either interesting to the point of heads exploding with decisions of what to do or who to converse with (thoughts of mattress surfing down the stairs are coming to mind), or it is a time of silence and solitude where people can get things done and actually hear themselves think and reflect on learning experiences. No matter which scenario it is that is currently being played out, it is a guarantee that I am amongst the nightwalkers.


Last night for example was a fun night where a group of my friends and I decided that sleep was not a necessary part of the day, and decided to stay up until five AM talking and reflecting on what we have been learning here at summit. The conversations always start off with ten to fifteen people in the room, then slowly but steadily people trickle out or nod off until the conversation turns into a deep personal talk between three or four people. This is my favorite part of the day when I can actually apply the intense lessons that are being taught here at summit. This is also a time when real fellowship happens and it never gets boring.


Inevitably the worst time of the day (which cannot be avoided) does have to come at some time; at 7:55 when my alarm clock is screaming at me, my stubborn mind suddenly remembers why humans generally need a little bit more than two hours of sleep in one night. However, there was an exception to that “worst time of the day” comment on Tuesday of this week. As a Floridian, it is an extremely rare experience to wake up in the morning with snow all over the ground, and even rarer to wake up to other students dancing around excited about the first snow of winter. So, of course, I got initiated into the miniature snowball fights and toddler-sized snowman-making of “tradition.” In case anyone else closer to the equator is reading this, an icy snowball to the face is actually a surprisingly painful experience that I still highly recommend.


To wrap up this blog post, the other big thing that has happened to me recently that I enjoyed was yesterday when my mom came and visited me out here at Snow Wolf Lodge. It was very encouraging to know that even during this busy time of the year, my mom took time to come up here and spend a day with me. It was nice to be able to go out to lunch and catch up with what is going on back at home. So if you are reading this mom, thanks for coming to visit. It was really awesome.

Blogger's Bio: His Associates degree completed, Robert plans to attend Florida State in the spring majoring in Buisness/Marketing.  Robert enjoys debating politics and philosophy and started a philosophy club at Polk State College last year.  After college Robert wants to go to law school, or get his MBA, and start a family. Eventually he hopes to go into politics. “I plan on…seeking a career in politics to help keep this country the way I have learned to love for my kids and grandkids for generations to come.” Robert loves people, statistics, reading, swimming and running.

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  • January 13, 2012 // 04:59 am //  # 
    derek menchan's avatar derek menchan

    you started a philosophy club at polk state?

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