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September 20, 2007

Life lessons

I learn a thousand new things every day. It is crazy, exhausting, and stimulating all at once. Every moment of the day is filled with something, and each moment offers a new opportunity to learn. Because I have been here for nearly two weeks, and because the days are so full, I have learned far too many things than what I can possibly put down here. So I will mention a few details from which I have learned invaluable lessons.
Firstly, on Saturday several of us went to the local hot springs in Pagosa. It was absolutely lovely, and a lot of fun; a great thing to do after a crazy week of studying. However, though the water was warm (and supposedly has healing properties), hot springs contain sulfur. Sulfur smells like rotten eggs. By soaking for several hours in the hot springs, I soaked myself in rotten eggs. I picked up a horrible stench that followed my like Eyore's rain cloud for a good two days afterwards. Ah, Pagosa local charm!
Next, last week we read An Experiment in Critisism by C.S. Lewis. It was an extremely fascinating book and I greatly enjoyed reading it. After finishing the book on Thursday, there was a test the following day over the entire book. I had never had so little time to study for a test, or taken a test on an entire book. I had to learn something quick! My second big lesson was how to study for such a test. I look forward to completely mastering this insane skill.
For my third lesson, during our work crew time on Tuesday, we began the long process of tearing apart and rebuilding the deck of the main lodge. I had to learn how to use an electric screw driver. I was frightened of the gun like appearance at first, but after learning that it would not drill me to death, I confidently attempted to master the art of the power tool. I can only hope the lodge is the better for my new found skill.
These last two weeks have been among the most interesting of my life. I look forward to what will come in the next ten weeks.

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