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September 15, 2008

Laughter, Santa, Roses, and the Greater Things in Life

Laughter, Santa, Roses, and the Greater Things in Life

Life here at Summit Semester is like none other. Every day I wake up to the wonder of the mountains outside my window. I look at them and marvel at the powerful God that created them and all of mankind. The community that He has brought together here in Pagosa is amazing. There are so many different personalities and it is neat to see the various cultures that exist within the US and Canada. I have talked with people from Florida to California, all the way down to Texas, who come from families as small as three or as big as twelve.
In class we challenge each other as we wrestle with life's toughest questions. Today we discussed Chaucer, his life, and some of his greatest works including the poem, "The Romance of the Rose." As usual, we found ourselves laughing when Dr. Bauman asked if one particular member (names shall remain anonymous), would rather have written a poem about picking the rose of celibacy. Laughter is an important part of our lives here and it is incorporated in the classroom and on the weekends.

On Saturday we went to the Sand Dunes and hiked to the very top. I must say that our experience was unlike any other because members of our group brought with them the four-foot tall, light-up Santa they had purchased at the Pagosa Springs rummage sale. Santa stood at the top of the dunes with the rest of us and beheld the wonderful view from atop a 740 foot dune. While there I struck up a conversation with a woman and her husband. I discovered that they were from Belgium and were traveling around the US visiting our national parks and forests. They spoke with such an appreciation and respect for these national treasures that I realized just how blessed we are to live in a country which sets aside pieces of land for our enjoyment.
Overall, Summit Semester is amazing, and I am so glad that I made the decision to come here. Whether it is in class, out on the field playing ultimate Frisbee, or participating in animated discussions around the dinner table, I am growing and learning from those around me and enjoying myself at the same time.

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