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November 04, 2010

Just Another Sunny Day in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado

Just Another Sunny Day in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado

This is strange weather for a kid growing up in Michigan; we played sand volleyball twice this week, complete with bare feet and shorts. Is it really November already? The calendar in our dining room claims this is true, along with a list of the pages in books that are due. Pardon my rhyme. It was not out of place. If you found it absurd, I'll ask you for some grace. Allow me an explanation: You can hear it in the way people order their speech, and see it in their hands, as they count syllables and dance their fingers in a “Da-Dum-Da-Dum-Da-Dum” rhythm. This is the fateful week that our sonnets (three weeks in the making) are to be turned into Dr. Bauman, who returned this week after a two-week hiatus. For my part, and I believe I can speak for most, this will be a joyous return. Dr. Bauman expects much from us, putting all of our thinking faculties to work for the good of God's Kingdom. Asking questions never before asked by a majority here. There is, perhaps, no other man alive whose voice I would rather hear in my head. 


This week, we jump back into our three main classes: History of Christian Thought, English Literature, and Christianity and Politics. In Christian Thought, we will move into the Reformation period, studying such men as Luther and Calvin. For English Literature, we'll delve into the greatest English epic, Paradise Lost, by John Milton. We have been assigned to read the introduction-arguments to each of the twelve books in the poem over the past three weeks. Finally, in Politics, we will begin our discussion of the book, Poverty and Wealth, by Ronald Nash, hoping by the end to have a firm grasp of the pitfalls of socialism and the benefits of capitalism. 


In other news, Mike Mandt, the owner of the property who has so graciously allowed Summit the use for Semester, came and spoke over Tuesday and Wednesday. He has a passion for science, particularly in the field of cosmology. He walked us through material ripe for defending our Biblical Worldview against the unscientific and unproven lies of the evolution community. He shared with us ten arguments atheists have been using to support their claims, based on the book by Jonathan Wells, 10 Icons of Evolution. He also shared with us ten arguments which creationists can use to support their reality-conclusive claims that a Sovereign God created the world, even doing so in a literal, six-day week. Wednesday evening, Mr. Mandt took time out to answer any and all questions we might have about his topic or his water reclamation company—Fluidyne Corp. It was a blessing to have both him and his wife here this week.


To close, I'll ask for prayer. With only four weeks to go, and with seven weeks of intense reading and thinking—the mental rigors similar (if not greater) to a college semester—behind us, energy and health are under attack. Please pray that we would finish strong; that we might, both as a community and as individuals, align our time and habits so as to leave here best prepared for a world which desperately needs Christian men and women who are deeply thoughtful, sincerely heartfelt, and passionately ready to engage the culture outside these hand-hewn log walls.


In the words of Truman, from the movie, The Truman Show, “Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!”

Blogger's Bio: Having been called out of conventional education to serve as a youth director at a church, Kevin has recently thought about going back to school for a Church History or Theology major. “I have a growing passion for seeing true disciples of Christ living out their radical faith and impacting the world.”  Kevin wants to run a home for young boys caught in a downward spiral.  He enjoys woodcarving, reading, writing, and remains in awe of every mountain peak he has summitted.

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