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November 25, 2010

Hotel California

Hotel California

It’s hard to write about something that I don’t believe will ever happen: the end. So I won’t. Denial might not be the wisest, but it’s easier. When I was thinking about coming to Semester (that feels like eons ago), one of the things that convinced me to come was the fact that I knew I wouldn’t want to leave once I got here. The reason I knew that was because someone else from the previous year blogged about it. It might have been the only blog I read in my research, but it convinced me and I remember it. Saying that I don’t want to leave is an understatement. If you’re not one of my fellow students reading this then you’ll never understand. Thus, I’m not going to try to explain how attached I feel to this place, and these people, and all the memories.


Summit Semester is kind of like the Hotel California, you can check out but you can never leave. Bauman will always be in your head, your friends will always be on your mind, and “No Bears” will always be on your shirt—if you got one… and there’s still time to get one *hint, hint.*


Thanksgiving was a celebration of memories. In my mind, it didn’t feel remotely like thanksgiving. Since I’m Canadian, that season has long passed for me. It felt like a weird combination of Christmas and a random family gathering. I tried watching football, but I discovered that it’s far more entertaining to watch the people who are really into the game. When mealtime came, I gratefully joined an “orphan table” in an abnormally crowded dining hall and felt the relief of being with family instead of visitors (no offense, visitors). 


Nicolea had made a movie full of inside jokes, which she showed us. It was about thirty minutes long, but we weren’t at all bored. I think that it’s a whole lot easier to enjoy a movie when you know that this is one movie we won’t have to discuss afterwards (scandalous, I know). Of course, it also helps when the whole movie is based on things that only make sense to thirty of us who are cheering enthusiastically and screaming our approval. I glanced around the room and couldn’t help but notice the blank stares on the faces of all the visitors. That only made me cheer louder.


You want to know how much the Summit culture has influenced me? Well, I’ve even hidden an inside joke in here. See if you can spot it.

Blogger's Bio: A proud Canadian, Bethany is considering studying Physiatherapy, speech therapy or journalism among other options. “I’m focusing on being excited about what God is going to do in my life and I am looking forward to finding a career that will meet my needs while allowing me to serve others.”  Bethany enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, and printing t-shirts and has been on several mission trips overseas.

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