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September 22, 2008

Hay Barns and Hula-Hoops

Hay Barns and Hula-Hoops

It's Monday. The weekend is over and it's time again to get back to class. Over the weekend however, Nate and Mary Schramm led a team building event for all the students. Along with the fun and silliness came the frustrating and patience trying experience of working together to accomplish seemingly simple and easy tasks. For example, fourteen of us gathered around in a circle and had a hula-hoop placed in the center that had to be lowered to the ground from waist level without anyone's finger leaving the bottom edge of the hoop. After what seemed like an hour of yelling and blaming we finally managed to work together and get it down! Not all of it was quite so trying.


Another one of the games we played was called YE-HA. Everyone stands in a circle and YE-HAs to the right or left, hay barns, skips, or becomes stubborn as a mule to turn it back around. If you are prone to embarrassment this game is quick remedy. In the end we learned that it's easy to think that we work as a team but too often we want only to be a leader and not a willing follower or vise versa.

But it's Monday and class is started for the week. Dr. Bauman is his usual self. He asks questions without answers or answers that none of us want to admit. In English Literature we are studying the Canterbury Tales where we are gaining some of Chaucer's insights to the four big questions: "What is a good death and what good is death?" "What is a good life and what good is life?" "What is a good love and what good is love?" And, "What is a human being?" In discussing love today, all of the guys were relieved to learn that we don't need to marry old, ugly women for it to be a good love so we can now revoke our hasty vows of celibacy.


Tonight we had our art class with Charlie Pepiton. Last night some were up hashing out a definition of art late into the night, writing and rewriting trying to find something sufficient for today's class. Now although our ideas are not perfect we have a good foundation to build on, and the quest of learning continues.

In all of this I am continuing to learn to help but more importantly to be helped by my classmates in every area from morning workouts and fun to studying habits and Bible reading. The realization of this was strengthened by our team building over the weekend, thanks to Nate and Mary!

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