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November 04, 2011

Guy Appreciation Night

Guy Appreciation Night

It's finally my turn to compose an entry for the Semester blog, and I am writing this about twenty minutes before it's due. Thankfully, finding something to writing about was easy after last night.  Allow me to explain...

The first indication we had that something was up was yesterday morning, right before breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and noticed something - the kitchen was full of girls. That was odd, but there's usually plenty of students helping to prepare for breakfast, so I didn't think much of it. We got our next clue as breakfast ended. As we walked into the kitchen, Peter, Chris, and I were told (in no uncertain terms) that we had the morning off, and that someone else would be taking our place for dish crew. Suspicious, but not unwelcome.

Once lunch rolled around, the same thing happened to the men of the next dish crew. That's when many of the guys began to realize what was going on - the girls were coordinating to serve the guys for a day. After we finished work crews that afternoon, word spread quickly among the guys that we were going to dinner in formal attire, as a way of thanking the girls. That turned out to be a good move on our part, though we didn't realize why at the time. After frantically pressing shirts, tying ties, and tracking down dress shoes, we went upstairs to surprise the girls. Anyway, that was our plan. Things ended working out a little bit differently.

When we got upstairs, there was no dinner and no girls in sight. While we were standing around, confused, someone realized that we had mail - lots of it. Every one of us had a stack of notes, cards, and letters from the girls, full of encouragement, memories, and most of all, appreciation. I read through mine once, then twice, and by the end I had a smile stretching from one ear to the other. About that time someone started playing Frank Sinatra tunes through the new kitchen stereo - very classy. Then Christie came out and asked for us all to be seated, as dinner was about the served. Once we were seated, the ladies carried out full plates of Neiman Marcus chicken and rice pilaf for each of us. Once we had been served, the ladies brought their own plates and joined us for the meal, getting up frequently to refill glasses and plates. When we were finished, they brought every guy a bag of delicious homemade cookies for dessert.

After dinner, the ladies all pitched in to wash the dishes while the guys worked together to move the tables to the sides of the room so we would have space for dancing.  Andy rigged up the sound system and Rob found the music. When the girls finished, we danced and reeled (Virginia reeled, that is) for about an hour and had a grand time. It was an awesome evening and a complete surprise.  I think I speak for every young man here when I say that I was encouraged, challenged, and blessed by the thought, care, and effort each and every one of the young ladies put into making that evening special. It's hard to adequately describe how much we appreciate such appreciation. All I can say is I count myself extremely blessed, and I'm looking forward to returning the favor at some point down the road. Time will turn and tell...  

Matthew is a web designer with experience as a freelance contractor in technical website support. He used his expertise to found “The Free Christian Music Blog,” a website dedicated to providing fans with free and legal Christian music. He was deeply involved with Teen Pact throughout high school, receiving top alumni scores in the program in Iowa for two years running. He plans to study electronic communication in future, specifically focusing on the area of media entertainment and has a great heart to “love and serve others.”

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