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October 26, 2010

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

This weekend, around half of the students went to the Grand Canyon.  The other half had an off weekend to catch up on sleep, reading, and the internet.   The Grand Canyon trip was awesome.  After eighteen-plus hours in the vans together, we’re all still friends.  On the first day, we stopped at Four Corners and stepped into New Mexico, taking pictures.  We drove through Monument Valley and the Painted Desert. We watched the sunset over Lake Powell and made a slight detour into Utah, since we were so close.   We had a short worship service at the hotel; a couple of the guys from our group led the worship service. Then we spent the rest of the night playing games, talking, and catching up on email and Facebook.


We left early the next morning and drove the last two and a half hours to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  When we arrived, there was thick fog, so we couldn’t even see it.  We took a short hike down Bright Angel path, during which the fog obscured the canyon and then cleared off a bit.  Then, we drove to Imperial Point (I hadn’t realized that the Grand Canyon was so high—9,000 feet!)  We picnicked there, and some went hiking, while others just sat and admired it.  Finally, the fog cleared off, and the view of the Canyon was so breathtaking and awe-inspiring that it made one feel extremely small and insignificant.  The opportunity to marvel at God’s creation was definitely a privilege.


Monday was a nice relaxing day after our trip.  We all slept in and caught up on some reading.    The clouds cleared away from peaks off in the distance, and we could see them covered in snow. It was good to see everyone who hadn’t gone on the trip.   Thinking about having to say good-bye to them all in a month and a half isn’t the happiest thought.   


I’m so glad I was able to come to Summit Semester this year. I have definitely learned a lot here but not just all head knowledge that just stays in my brain or flits away.  We have to think and process what we are learning.  Having different professors helps in this process, since each professor has a different point of view. I think that it would be impossible to come here and not grow in nearly every aspect of life.

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