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October 02, 2010

Good Quotes and Great Life

Good Quotes and Great Life

At the risk of seeming shallow, I want to prove that we’re a pretty crazy community at heart. We live together to learn but also to love one another and to become a family. Here’s a few interesting tidbits.


Let’s start with the beginning. Probably the first thing I said when I walked into the kitchen on the first morning was, “Why is there tape on the fridge?” Welcome to the quote wall. Anything anyone says is fair game, but only the most memorable actually make it. See, we have to remember what we overheard until we make it into the kitchen to write it down. You have no idea how many times you’ll hear someone say, “What was it you said while we were playing volleyball that I was going to put on the quote wall?” (It’s bad etiquette to put your own quote on the wall, though we all know it happens for the sake of a good quote). Here’s a sample of the quotes:


“Don’t rule out polygamy… it might still be the answer.”
“As Best Dish Crew, we have a hard time competing with ourselves.”
“I know 17 ways to kill a person, pick a number.”


On Wednesday, it was Daniel’s birthday, and a couple thoughtful gals baked pies for the occasion. We sang happy birthday in true family style, and since having ice cream is a rare and glorious treat, Eric Smith thanked Daniel for being born—which didn’t make it to the quote wall.


There’s also an addiction to Speed Volleyball shared by most of the students here. The weather has been glorious for our entire stay so far except for two days of rain—one of which was this evening. We finished work crews amid the threatening lightning and thunder then ran towards the volleyball field. Most of us were still covered in sawdust, not even stopping for a shower, since we were hoping for an epic drenching amid an epic game. Much to our disappointment, the rain fell short of epic (everyone was looking forward to volleyball in the rain). The wind, however, was fierce, and that added an element of surprise. The grass felt freakishly cold on our bare feet, but we braved it for the sake of the game we’d come to love. It’s been exhilarating to pick up a sport that most of us haven’t played in forever, play it every single spare minute for two and half weeks and watch how we all get better as a group.


This is probably something you expected to hear from a guy, but the food is awesome here. The crowning glory of the home-cooked food is probably the freshly made bread. Also, today we walked into supper with the smell of cinnamon buns for tomorrow’s breakfast wafting through the air. Breakfast has been an interesting meal, since everyone eats breakfast differently. Yesterday, for instance, we had “chipped beef and gravy.” This, apparently, had been requested by the guys. This morning, we had parfaits to the delight of many of the girls and a few of the guys. At least, none of them openly confessed to enjoying them. One of my breakfast tablemates, who will go unnamed, thought parfaits were so un-manly that he added bacon to his. (FYI: Apparently you can’t taste bacon through yogurt, so it’s probably not recommended.)


There’s so much more I could tell you: thrift store visits (which include embarrassing photos with the most random articles of clothing), small groups with awesome mentors, people constantly rearranging the décor above the fireplace (which is hilariously frustrating for the OCD people among us), finding out in class what women actually want (which is not a discussion for the faint of heart). Whether this all seems shallow or not, life in this community is crazy and great.


Blogger's Bio: A proud Canadian, Bethany is considering studying Physiatherapy, speech therapy or journalism among other options. “I’m focusing on being excited about what God is going to do in my life and I am looking forward to finding a career that will meet my needs while allowing me to serve others.”  Bethany enjoys sewing, scrapbooking, and printing t-shirts and has been on several mission trips overseas.

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  • October 10, 2010 // 11:03 am //  # 
    Melanie's avatar Melanie

    Beth, you captured some of the humor at Semester so well!

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