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November 02, 2010

Good Morning, America!

Good Morning, America!

It is the second of November, and the majority of the semester is behind us.  This past weekend the family celebrated the annual tradition known as “Farvest Hall.” (To all of you who are not fluent in dyslexic lingo…Fall Harvest)  The weekend was filled with continuous events of splendor, such as pumpkin carving, a shotgun and rifle showdown, a scavenger hunt, and a 5k race, all of which left us emotionally, mentally, and physically deprived.  The staff members of our family decided to remedy these depravities—we would all sleep in on the following Monday. Well….most all of us.


Monday morning was a typical morning in that the sun came up as expected, but that and that alone was the only thing “typical” about our morning. The women of the family woke leisurely around 9 a.m. As we stepped outside our rooms, we stepped into a lovely banquet hall, which was formally our cluttered classroom. There were orange, red, and yellow leaves scatter across white linen tablecloths, the room dimly lit, the air filled with anticipation of what the decorations meant. We were asked to sit at the table. So we sat, alone with the silence and our imaginations.  Ten minutes later, through the small rectangular windows in the swinging doors, an army appeared.  The room erupted with laughter and gasps as the men of the family charged through the classroom doors bearing everything a waffle-lover could dream of: homemade waffles (complete with gluten-free waffles for the unfortunate ladies with allergies), strawberries, blueberries, bananas, syrup, a mountain of whipped cream.  After we were served coffee, orange juice, and apple cider, three of the men read poetry they wrote themselves. We were all blown away by their willingness to get up at 7:30 a.m. to cook us ladies breakfast, their skilled poetry-writing, and their ability to look happy while doing so.


All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. Now we await the return of the beloved Bauman, who returns to us on Wednesday.


God Bless.


I love you, Mom.

Blogger's Bio: With two years completed at a local community college, Caitlin says “the idea of uncovering truth has given me an open mind concerning my education.”  Caitlin has been a wedding caterer; hospital and Red Cross volunteer, and played basketball, and softball.  She is interested in pursuing English, Science and Social Relations.  “I enjoy writing poetry as I observe God through people and nature.”

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