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October 21, 2010

God’s Creation Inspires Us to Create

God’s Creation Inspires Us to Create

As week six quickly comes to a close and the leaves of autumn gently fall to the ground, our minds are frequently reminded of the beauty of God’s creation. Whether we are hiking in the mountains or playing volleyball in the sand, we are always aware of that simple fact. For me personally, this has been one of the most beautiful autumn seasons of my life. To live and study in the mountains is a continual joy and something I do not want to take lightly. I went on a hike earlier this week to the top of the ridge I can see from my window. As with all other hikes I have been on here in Colorado, I was in awe when I finally reached the top of the ridge. The shear height of the highest mountains and depth of the lowest valleys is beyond comparison. Just thinking about the fact that God would allow us to enjoy His creation in such a way is amazing. It seems as if the whole of creation cries out the glory of God as it shows God’s creative nature.


Because creation points directly to God’s creative nature, we are ourselves creative. e HHHHHHHHhsldkfjlskdjflsdkjfHHlsdjlfksdjfhhhlkjhlkdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfdfsdfdsfsdfsdjokjol44854848This is one of the topics that our professor this week, Dr. Don Williams, has addressed in his book, Mere Humanity. Dr. Williams writes that we as humans are different from all of creation in that we enjoy beauty simply because it is beautiful. A monkey is able to use a stick to dig up food or organize boxes in a certain way to reach a high object, but the monkey would not organize the boxes in an aesthetically pleasing way. Because we are created in God’s image, we seek to imitate God by using our abilities to create. However, since sin entered the world, Satan seeks to distort our creative instincts given to us by God. We then create objects or images that are unpleasing in God’s eyes. It is easy to allow our creation to become an idol or inspire us toward prideful ambition. With this in mind, we should create but create with the purpose of serving and glorifying God.


At Snow Wolf Lodge, we have been able to do this through the work crew projects. Though we are not directly creating, our work on re-staining various buildings has allowed us to be good stewards of the property God has given us. This is one of the large concepts that Nathan has continually told us. The buildings have already been created, but we are able to help maintain the creation of man which reflects God’s creative nature. As we work side by side with each other, I have seen how my fellow students at Summit Semester work together to accomplish the various goals.


Some of these goals, like work crew goals, have been corporate, while others remain on an individual basis. Because we all come to Summit with the desire to learn and work out questions that we face, each one of us has specific challenges or goals. For myself and others as well, being at Summit allows me to strive toward good habits that I hope to maintain in the coming years. The environment not only allows me to have these habits but also encourages me to have them.


With this combination of good habits, great teaching, and a wonderful environment in which to live, I have been very blessed with the opportunity I have had coming to Summit. If the second half of the semester is as fulfilling as the last, then I can’t wait for it to begin.

Blogger's Bio: Planning to study Environmental Chemistry, Joshua says “I feel called to study science in order to help people understand the great Creator.” More specifically, Joshua says that he hopes to use this degree to improve the environment.  “I believe this world needs more scientists that will stand firm in their faith.”  Joshua was involved in student council, and enjoys playing the trumpet, biking, football, basketball and being in the great outdoors.

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  • October 25, 2010 // 01:56 am //  # 
    facebook layouts's avatar facebook layouts

    You rarely see any professional football players with knee pads, thigh pads or protective cups. I find this to be nuts( pun not intended). I don’t think they even wear jock straps anymore.

  • October 25, 2010 // 07:40 am //  # 
    Karla Litwiller's avatar Karla Litwiller

    I agree 100%!  God’s creation has always made me want to shout ‘Hallelujah!’  And in fact I have - like that time we were right almost under Niagra Falls or the time Dad and I were up on top of one of the mountains in Ecuador above some of the clouds and in line with the airplanes!  So glad you get to taste this part of HIS glory!

  • September 09, 2011 // 05:35 pm //  # 
    Debbie Teater's avatar Debbie Teater

    Hey Josh - was just looking to see if the 2011 kids had posted anything and found you!  Loved reading this.  You brought out some points about our creativity I hadn’t thought of.

  • August 08, 2012 // 12:30 pm //  # 
    Shalini's avatar Shalini

    God test the ones He loves because He loves us. I am being teestd more and more by the grace of God. He created me so He knows how much I can take even if I am not sure. He is teaching me to put on the full armour of Christ and fight! I think the church Christ’s body is satisfied or think they are satisfied in holding on, puting on there armour as a defense, remember we have been called by God to be His people, to proclaim His truth and victory, His power and strenght, His defeat over Satan and the bondage to sin. When one is teestd they will eighter fight or run. How could a believer who is impowered by the Holy Spirit knowing of Gods almighty power and grace and love for His childeren be afraid? We are fighting a war that cannot be won on our own strenght and understanding, but if God is for us, who can stand against us. Christ did not give His life so that we may be a slave to sin, He defeated sin and Satan on the cross and his people the priveledge and the honor to proclaim His name, His power, His glory, His victory over all power of sin and Satan and his kingdom. Once you understand this, you will most gladly spend and be spent for the souls of others, even if knowing the more you love them you shall be loved less. Praise God for His trials, I am being strenghtened by the Creator who loves me so much He paid the ultimate price, not that I may have life, but life with Him! Proclaim Christ to be King and His victory over this world! Awsome!!

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