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September 17, 2008

Fun in the Mountains

Fun in the Mountains

I have only been here one week and three days and I am thoroughly enjoying myself here in Pagosa Springs. I am so excited for all of the students that are here. We all share the common desire to learn. I know I'll get to know all of them very well since we get to live together for three months. Bonds have already formed very quickly even within the first week. We are like a family.
Classroom time is very interesting, enjoyable, and even entertaining. The education I am getting is requiring hard work on thinking. The academic challenges have also brought me closer to God. Dr. Bauman enjoys finding students to pick on. It's all for good laughs and keeps the mood light although some of our questions and topics require deep thought. I feel like I have more questions than answers so far. I never knew this would require so much thinking. I feel like God is beginning to change me. Although we study hard here and discuss many issues, I am learning to seek God in every situation and every question. I also want to read the Bible more. The more I realize everything I don't know, I feel helpless. I am more humbled than I ever have been at what I do not know or understand. This is a relieving feeling too. I know I can work hard with my mind yet more importantly trust that God has all the answers and is in complete control. I am very grateful for the opportunity that God has given me to be here with these students and staff at Summit Semester.

We watched a very impacting video of Louie Giglio on Wednesday night last week. It showed how great God is and the universe he created. Part of the video shows our planet earth in contrast to the immense size of the largest star that we know of in our universe. God is much bigger than I can even imagine Him to be.


I appreciate the time we have set aside for study. Having a schedule has been very beneficial to me. I can focus easier since everyone else is studying. Also I can focus more since there is no internet. This took me a while to get used to. I did not realize the extent to which I relied on it until I did not have the option.

However, it's not all study here at summit. There are many fun activities I can enjoy with my fellow Summit students. We have scheduled sports times so we can get some exercise. Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball and soccer are some of my favorites. I am also improving at ping pong and a new game introduced to me called "junk," which is, to me, an active version of pool without using the cues. Maybe I will get so good at ping pong I can beat Shun-Luoi or Michael.

I thank God for this opportunity and thank all that are involved in giving this opportunity. Also I thank all who are praying for us here. Please continue to pray for myself and fellow students and staff that we could use this time productively for the glory of God.

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