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September 25, 2010

Finding Resolution

Finding Resolution

We have now completed our second week here at Snow Wolf lodge, and what an amazing week it has been. Dr. Bauman has continued to challenge us and make us think about our deepest convictions, and he has succeeded once again in showing us just how much we have yet to learn. This week in politics we discussed war vs. pacifism. What is a just cause for war? How do we wage war honorably? How do we, as Christians, reconcile the taking of another human being’s life? These were the questions we had to wrestle with, and answer. With St. Augustine and Dr. Bauman as our guides, I believe that we found some resolution. At the same time, we realized once more that we really do have to critically examine our beliefs.


On Wednesday evening after class, we had our first weekly student-led prayer meeting. It was a powerful experience to gather around and pray for each other and to realize that none of us are here by accident. Each and every student is here by God’s design, and He has a plan and a role for each of us while we are here. As I mentioned to my roommate afterwards, it motivated me to get to know my fellow classmates even better, so I will better know how to lift them up in prayer. Following that, on Thursday night we met for the first organized worship service in Summit Semester history. Guitar, piano, violin, and vocals blended together as we praised God and gave thanks for His love, mercy, and grace.


Friday was work crew day, so we all split up to work on different projects around the lodges. I was assigned to the kitchen, where my group helped our amazing cooks, Amanda and Sterling, with the routine cleaning and assisted in preparing supper. As a special treat, the bread finished baking right as we were finishing up, and we were all treated to warm, homemade bread fresh out of the oven—yummy!  Later that night, a bunch of us got together in the main lodge for… (wait for it)… Swing Dance! It was an excellent opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, laugh, and just have fun dancing.


Tonight we will finish our discussion of beauty that we began last week, a fitting topic to continue meditating upon as we end our week in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.


Blogger's Bio: Although she is unsure of the exact direction she’ll take in her academic studies, Ellen is interested in science and apologetics.  “As I study science and the natural world around me, I cannot help but remember Who created it all, and to wonder at the amazing beauty and complexity of this universe we live in.”  Ellen has her first aid and CPR certifications and has taken classes at the local community college.  She enjoys violin, reading, writing, and volunteering with AWANA.

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  • October 01, 2010 // 06:37 am //  # 
    Travis Simone's avatar Travis Simone


    I am so proud of you working through these deep issues.  It will be great when you come home to Williamsburg and can share your learning with others in our community.

    God Bless,

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