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October 06, 2008

English Literature, Political Science, and Art

English Literature, Political Science, and Art

There is so much to think about and so many people to talk to here it is really a lot of fun. In English Literature class in the morning we just started talking about William Shakespeare and we are going to read Romeo and Juliet. This is after discussing Machiavellian principles of politics in the Politics class. We are going to shift gears even more for awhile though because tomorrow J.P. Moreland arrives and he will speak for a couple of days as Dr. Bauman takes a few days off. We are all reading books about philosophy and ethics to prepare for Dr. Moreland's lectures. They should be quite thought-provoking. But then, most everything we do here at Summit Semester is thought-provoking. It is really neat to have a group of people together who are willing to discuss deep issues (lets just say that I will never think of dinner conversations in the same way:) ).

This evening (Monday), we have Art Class and our assignment from last week was to prepare a skit. Each group of about five or six people got a sentence, something like, "birds chirping on a high wire" or "the feeling of water splashed on your face." We have to put on just a short, like 3-5 minute skit depicting these phrases. It has been a lot of fun preparing with my group. Our skit is really funny, and catching just bits and pieces as other groups rehearse theirs, I can tell you that I am really looking forward to seeing everybody's finished product. We are definitely having a lot of fun!

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