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October 24, 2008

Elvish Utterances

Elvish Utterances

Last week marked the halfway point to the semester's end. So much has happened since the time we first arrived on the 5th of September. Back then we were forcing conversations and asking odd questions in order to get to know each other better. Yet, if anyone were to see us now, they would never guess we've only known each other for seven weeks.

We ourselves feel like we've grown up together, because we have. In the short seven weeks that have passed since that awkward day of our meeting, this small community has grown at an inordinate rate. Semester is like a green house, and we've felt the growing pains. But it's been good, and we have had fun all the while.
This week, Dr. Williams, from Toccoa Falls Georgia, came to teach us about Philology (the love or study of language). Throughout this week Dr. Williams has shown us the importance of literature and the role it plays in our society. He taught that all we know about God from the first chapters of Genesis is that "He makes worlds with words, and that we are in His image." From there, he then believes it is in accordance with the Bible that we should ourselves teach the same thing through literature.

Although Dr. Williams has been here less than a week, he's jumped right into our lives and has had personal conversations with just about everyone here. The morning he arrived I walked into the dining room to already find him speaking Elvish (the language spoken mostly in J.R.R. Tolkien's middle earth), and joking around with students he had known for only five or so minutes! He came to teach classes, but his teaching goes beyond the classroom to places like the dining room, the game room, and around the fire place when we just hang out. It's been good having him here and we're going to miss him and his Elvish utterances.
Two days ago was the first day of the first annual Summit volleyball tournament! Eight captains drafted teams and divided themselves into two divisions. Each team plays the other teams in their division twice, and then the people with the best record will play in the Summit Semester championship game.
Everyone is beginning to get into the competition and some interesting uniforms have been worn in the name of team pride. Just yesterday my team played a team of four dressed in old dresses and audacious hats. Sometimes I forgot I was playing college students and thought a crew of old ladies had taken the court. This made our loss all the more humbling.

By the philosophy of Sir Phillip Sydney, we've learned best by being delighted. This week has been both educational and entertaining. With less than six weeks to go until this semester's end, everyone is realizing there isn't much time left. Though there is so much to do and so many events to yet occur, we are now focusing on pacing ourselves and learning the best way to spend what time we have. We are trying to become, as the apostle Peter once commanded, "wise as serpents, but harmless as doves."

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