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October 29, 2007

Dr. Bauman

When I first arrived in Pagosa Springs, I did not really have an idea of what I was getting myself into; I had never been to Snow Wolf Lodge, I did not know any other students very well, and I had no idea how these three months would be structured. However, the thing I knew the least about was the Professor, Dr. Michael Bauman. Now looking back, so deep is the impression he has left already, that it is hard to remember a time when I did not know him.
How can I describe Dr. Bauman? Well, he is an older gentleman with a youthful face. In class, he has a discerning glance that strikes fear in his students, and a smile that brings warmth to the whole room. In sports, he can trash talk like a professional, and will play even when the odds are stacked against him. In wisdom, he is a true educator; he is never willing to teach you merely what to think, but strives to teach you how to think. In conversation, he has been blessed with quick wit and understanding, yet he is willing to let you fill an hour of talk without interruption. In life, his love of teaching is only surpassed by his love of learning. But most of all, I am grateful for the example of one who so ardently pursues the truth, diligently applies it to his life, and then does not waste his knowledge, but shares it with others. He is an example to me of one who has given his mind to God, and God has blessed that offering by filling his mind with Truth. So Dr. Bauman, here is to you. Thanks for being a great teacher, and a good friend.

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