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October 27, 2008

Colorful Characters and Cakewalks

Colorful Characters and Cakewalks

As the warm summer air turns to a crisp fall breeze, one thing and one thing alone has stayed at the forefront of our thoughts and conversations here at Summit Semester. No, I'm not talking about the Psychedelic Platypi's hope for a forthcoming victory in the community volleyball tournament (though I do believe this is a significant event), or even the Lurching Mochilla's intimidating uni-brows. Instead, I speak of the third annual Farvest Hall celebration.

This celebration is often considered to be the ultimate pinnacle of our time here at Semester. Okay, it may not be the pinnacle, because the people and classes are par to none, but this festivity greatly contributes to our experience here and has helped re-enforce our value of fun in the community.

We began our chilly Saturday morning with a bonfire to commence the activities. All of us enthusiastically enjoyed pumpkin carving, frozen T-shirt unthawing, ping pong, and rifling competitions that extended into the early afternoon. The outside temperature seemed to rise with the intensifying competition. Pride and egos were put on the line and eventually our own dignity was thrown out the back door. Even the staff was seen throwing frozen shirts from the top of the main porch in a vivacious attempt to become the champions.

The anticipation for the main evening event heightened as each minute passed. Finally, after a month and a half of torturous waiting, our Farvest Hall expectations were appeased. We were now able to show off to all the fruits of our labor from the past month or minute to all - our costumes.

Imagine in your minds eye a spectrum of colorful characters dancing, prancing, and sliding around the classroom area. Mind you, the tables from class were set up around the perimeter of the room to not be in the way of the merriment, and were covered in quaint fall decorations and delectable finger-foods. Many lively individuals filled the room; burnt out light bulbs, 'home schoolers', Romeo and 'his' Juliet, Pippi Longstocking, a set of twins, a table, a giant 'cry baby', a joker, a modern-day Statue of Liberty, an elaborate duct tape couple, some various figures from the good 'ole disco days of the 70's, as well as others. The creativity was practically endless.

After countless photographs by our very own paparazzi, we were ready to begin our evening that was to be brim full of cakewalks, games, competition results and prizes. Yes, prizes. In true Summit fashion the cakewalk turned into an intense contest to land on the lucky number 27 which somehow eventually evolved into a dance-off. We jumped and jived, twisted and turned, swished and swayed, and even broke down into some urban hip-hop to claim a tasty reward...chocolate cake. And boy was it worth it.

The dancing continued throughout the night, and I do believe it has begun a trend that may last the duration of our time here. Students shared their knowledge of the waltz, tango, foxtrot, folk dancing, square and swing dancing with each other.
Long at last, the prizes for the daytime activities were distributed.

Apparently, some students had decided to take full advantage of Dr. Bauman's absence this week and carve a pumpkin in his honor commemorating what he was like while he was "unsaved." This included actual working tear ducts, a vomit trajectory, and glass of 'beer.' Highly enlightening. Another pumpkin portrayed a story often told by our very own Jon Jon Wesolowski about a 50-point, fire-breathing deer, complete with fire-blowing effects. The next pumpkin was of Mike the monster from the animated children's movie, "Monsters, Inc." Mike was one-eyed, painted green, and had true to life lanky, paper-mâché appendages. Other pumpkins depicted an asthmatic, a kitchen lady, and a...a...a... an unrecognizable object in a leotard. Overall, Mike the monster's group valiantly took the award for best in show followed by the fire breathing deer.

All in all, the evening was unforgettable and a great kickoff for the fall season. I doubt we will forget the fun and fellowship we had at Farvest Hall. For the icing on the cake, Dr. Bauman has returned to us this week to continue our studies and we look forward to the next event; the completion of our volleyball tournament in the not-so-distant future.

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