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October 19, 2010

Cinnamon Test?

Cinnamon Test?

Saturday night a few girls and I came together in the kitchen to make some apple and pumpkin pies in preparation for Canadian Thanksgiving. While rolling out dough, mixing together scrumptious ingredients, and getting our aprons dirty, Daniel asked, "Anyone want to do a cinnamon test?" This sounded like an exciting idea I mustn’t give up. "Yes, I will do it!" I said with enthusiasm. "NO, Sarah!! I can’t let you.” He said. I guess this isn't such an enjoyable experience, I thought, but "Ill do it anyway!" So after filling the spoon with overflowing amounts of the spice, he handed it over hesitantly. With 6 or so fellow classmates watching with eagerness, I opened my mouth not knowing what my senses were about to feel. After putting the heaping amount of cinnamon on my tongue and inhaling this strong scent, I began to portray a dramatic scene of coughing, choking, and eyes tearing. The next fifteen minutes were filled with wetting my mouth and struggling to make a clear sentence. The background sounds were full of laughter and of "Sarah, are you ok?"


On a more serious note, Dr. Bauman has left us for the next 2 weeks. I will miss him greatly and his thoughts on life as well as the way he causes me to think through the questions and beliefs that fill my mind. Some of the students and I sat with him before he left. It was a warm, clear, and breezy day for us to talk out on the porch. I had with me my favorite notepad of questions with the heading on every page: "LOOK AT THE FISH." This concept of looking at a question for a long time to understand the answer is something I will never want to forsake—a valuable lesson for which I'm grateful. I asked him what has made him doubt and how he has handled that doubt. He said he has never doubted God but the character of God, as well as the spiritual life. I asked Him what has made him confident in knowing there is a God. He said the biggest evidence is the resurrection. "What is the abundant life?" I asked. "Look at the gospels; look at Jesus,” he replied. "So having the mind of Christ is the abundant life?" I asked. "Yes," Dr. Bauman responded. This revelation excites me to the extreme and has freed me from the bondage of believing I cannot know my Creator. The answer seems to always go back to Christ. 


This Sunday morning, as I was sitting at the table for breakfast, a tall man with a white beard and a smirk on his face approached us and sat down. I thought to myself: "Is that Dr. Williams?" "What's your name?” I asked. "I am Gandalf," he replied. "OH MY!! I've always wanted to meet you Gandalf!! My name is Sarah." I said while standing as I offered my hand to meet him with a hardy shake. We both laughed followed with a discussion on The Lord of the Rings. I told him his mission this week would be to change my mind about this book. I've never been interested in fictional books; I'd rather read books for education and spiritual growth. When I told him this, he responded, "Ooohh, You mean you’re like Edmund who only reads books for education and doesn't understand anything when he enters the land of Narnia." I trust he will wet my appetite for these books by the end of this week of having him as our professor. I’m looking forward to learning about poetry and humanity from him.


Blogger's Bio: As a nurse on a surgical floor of a hospital, Sarah says that she “tries to remember to see people in a different way, as Jesus would see them, knowing He died for them and loves them just as much as He does me.”  Sarah graduated with her LPN in Nursing from Tennessee Technical Center in 2008 and enjoys studying and finding natural remedies for common illnesses.  Sarah loves children, discipling young girls, and has taught ballet classes.

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  • January 17, 2011 // 01:56 am //  # 
    Adam Woodward's avatar Adam Woodward

    Hey Sarah,
      It was great meeting you this weekend at the Summit Reunion. Thanks for coming down and reminding all of us old-timers how much Summit Semester shaped our lives. God bless you.

    -Adam J.W.

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