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November 19, 2012

Beautiful Nature and Politics

Beautiful Nature and Politics


The past couple days have definitely been a time of reflection compared to the heaviness of last week. J.P. Moreland was our visiting scholar; and he was able to give us some great information concerning the existence of God and other philosophical topics. Some of the issues I had heard discussed before, but Moreland was able to expand that knowledge I had and take it to a whole new level of understanding that I have not experienced before.  

Sunday and Monday (our days off) were extremely relaxing, especially due to the fact that I was one of the few who decided not to go on the Grand Canyon trip. I spent my time Sunday going to church and Skyping my family who live in Lubbock, Texas. Monday morning I woke up and rode my bike to one of my favorite places—a river approximately three and a half to four miles up in the mountains. The river is set between a forest of trees and looks like something straight out of a movie. The weather was beautiful with virtually no clouds, cool, but warm in the sun. I spent close to an hour sitting and laying by the river, listening to its flow and thinking how blessed I was to be spending three months of this year at Summit’s Snow Wolf Lodge. Not only have I been able to grow in my relationship with the Lord and broaden my knowledge of other ideas, I have also been able to enjoy God’s creation by hiking, biking, running, and camping in some of the most picturesque landscapes I have ever witnessed. I have decided that there definitely is a reason men such as Moses and Elijah would climb up mountains to be with God. More than anywhere else, I feel his presence when I bike up the mountain and look for miles over what he has created for His glory and our pleasure.

Tuesday was a typical day with class taught by Dustin discussing Hebrews and work crews after lunch. I was able to be on the raking leaves crew, and actually enjoyed the time to think and talk with my fellow rakers. The weather was nice, as usual, up until the very end when all of a sudden it dropped to what a freezing cold temperature.  After we were released I did not pittle pattle back to the lodge, but quickly ran to my room and thawed out before dinner.  Tuesday night was also election night and we enjoyed eating apple pie while eagerly awaiting the results. However, I went to my room before it was all over and caught up on a book we are reading about Ronald Reagan. If only he was one of our candidates this year!  

Wednesday was an enjoyable day beginning with solitude time. Hours such as these are some of my most treasured moments, because I am able to hike up to a place overlooking miles of mountains in the distance and be alone with the Lord. I always sit next to a certain tree stump, and I feel like there is this certain squirrel there every time that enjoys barking at me. Besides the squirrel, it is a peaceful spot where I can pray, read, write, and be refreshed. After lunch I biked up to a secluded grass area and read for a while in the sun. However, I came back sunburned but happy. After dinner, Dr. Bauman resumed class with us and spoke of the correlation between science and theology. It was a great lecture, and I enjoyed learning about the multiple interpretations Christians have come up with about Genesis concerning the creation of the world.

Thursday was a typical school day with classes twice a day: one session in the morning and one after dinner. After morning class and lunch we were able to drive into town for our small groups and had a wonderful time at Higher Grounds talking and drinking coffee. We had a delicious Mexican corn chowder soup for dinner and ended the day with Dr. Bauman discussing the nature of economics and Capitalism. 

I feel so blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be here, and I thank Jesus for surrounding me with people who love and strive to serve Him in all areas of life.



Sydney Squires, 19

Lubbock, TX

Sydney came to the Lord at the young age of six, and feels blessed to have been raised in a Christian home. She has been growing her understanding of Christianity, and has been seeking the Lord’s guidance in the life-long decisions she is currently facing. Sydney is considering Belhaven University and Texas Tech. She is leaning more towards a humanities degree, but is also contemplating an athletic training or outdoor recreation degree. Sydney is looking forward to growing in apologetics while here at Summit Semester.


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