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November 05, 2008

Barrages of Snow

Barrages of Snow

Last night we had an open forum with Dr. Bauman. Prior to this we were required to read a short article he wrote on how to take charge when questioning the college admission offices. During the forum the floor was open for all of us to ask questions, preferably about college, which the almighty, wise Bauman answered with a swift ease.

We woke up this morning and to the amazement of most of us (at least the students from Florida and Texas), there was snow on the ground and lofting in the air! I myself ran out onto the deck along with several other people. We started sliding over the snow covered wood franticly before breakfast started, and then again afterwards. Class inevitably began and we had to abandon the amusement for the moment. With Dr. Bauman we discussed affirmative action and why it shouldn't be implemented by the government, learned about Petrarch and his book, The Secret, concerning his internal struggle with sin, and finally dove deeper into Milton's "Paradise Lost." During the breaks we would run back out into the snow to sled, snowboard, and throw barrages of snow balls at each other.

While we had "study time" after lunch most of us took part in an epic snow ball fight, guys vs. girls (we don't need to talk about which side actually won, however). Following the battle some of us ventured out into the mountains to hike, on and off the trails, while the snow continued to dance around the tree branches. The sight was absolutely breath-taking. The snow died down, but we have our fingers crossed for an encore.

Besides that, most of us who were sick are starting to feel better. As the work load is starting to pick back up, we at Snow Wolf Lodge are preparing to finish strong as this semester comes to a close.

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