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November 26, 2012

Babies, Relationships, and Appreciating Men

Babies, Relationships, and Appreciating Men

Summit Semester has been one of the best experiences I have ever had. Between classes, community, and our Heavenly Father, you can see the growth that has taken place in each student. A major part of this growth comes from the friendships and memories made through the community and activities. In the past three days there has been multiple memories made. 

On Monday we got the rare but much appreciated opportunity to sleep in and then the ladies were invited to a baby shower for Jacqueline Sutherland. As you know when a bunch of women get together, the food is delicious and the laughs are numerous. We played games like trivia, boggle for baby names, and my personal favorite Question and Answer. When multiple people write a question and give a random answer, then one of each is randomly chosen and you come up with things like: What do you do when the nurse brings you the wrong baby?...Duct Tape.  It was definitely a time to bond and also be able to bless the new family that is about to start. 

The day continued as we excitingly prepared for the guys appreciation night. We cleaned, cooked, and dressed up in our Sunday best. The guys started the night with a scavenger hunt around the property, and then came up to a hearty dinner of pizza and root beer floats. 

Following dinner we got some great advice on dating and relationships from the Jizmejians, Sutherlands, Elizabeth St. Martin, and special guest Mr. Jester.  Prior to the panel we were allowed to write out questions and place them in a jar and then they chose the best nine to answer. We got advice on courtship, dating, long distance relationships, and choosing a person whose relationship with God was their main focus. 

Following the dating panel, a large majority of the students got together and danced the night away, or for at least two hours. We learned new dances like the Virginia Reel and practiced old line dances to songs like Lover, Lover. With dancing comes pure exhaustion, so falling asleep was not a difficult task for most. Monday was definitely a day to remember. 

The next morning, we rolled out of bed for the normal 8 o’clock breakfast and prepared for solitude time. I think it is fair enough to say that solitude time is one of the most refreshing times of the week. We get to spend an hour and a half with the Lord. This is our time to get away and learn how to grow in Him. We resumed the day with family meeting, work crews, and meals.  Kitchen crew had the special task of remodeling the entire kitchen, it is now sparkling white and looks brand new. Other work crews cleaned, organized, and took the deck on Echo Canyon apart. Fully worked and tired, dinner was greatly appreciated. To further our gratitude, whoever wanted to go got the opportunity to spend the evening at the hot springs. The others who stayed behind worked on papers, read, or had a game night at the Jizmejians. All in all it was a good day with relaxing benefits. 

Wednesday morning was a normal breakfast, but instead of class or meeting we had a few hours to study, relax, or run to City Market for some much needed supplies. After lunch, Dustin continued with the Hebrew study and we learned about the Jewish Tabernacle and how after Christ’s death, the veil was torn and the need for the Tabernacle became unnecessary. After the meeting we had the afternoon to spend quality time building our muscles during exercise hours. We ended the night with a delicious dinner and resumed classes with Dr. Bauman. We have continued to grow these past couple of days and as our time here at Summit comes to an end, I feel safe to say that everyone is beginning to take each moment as a special memory and every chance we get, whether it be in work crews, dances, or baby showers, we thank God for the time and relationships made here as Summit Semester. 

Caitlin Dorazio, 18

San Antonio, TX

Caitlin was raised in a Christian home and accepted Jesus Christ at the age of four. Due to her gluten allergy, Caitlin has gained a respect and interest in nutrition. She is interested in attending University of Colorado Denver for a business, communications, or nutrition degree. She has an interest in apologetics, especially concerning social issues like abortion, homosexuality, politics, and others.

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