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October 05, 2007

Autumn colors to Ouray

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 3, all of us departed drastically from the usual schedule, a road trip to the acclaimed village of Ouray ("Little Switzerland"), which we had been gleefully anticipating. Some of us, meaning the guys, were kept in the dark as long as possible about the planned trip and did not find out about it until the day before, and boy was there excitement in the air! You see, this is a moment in time—and brief at that—when the fall colors reach their glorious peak. We were not disappointed.
Riding in a fifteen passenger van with, duh, fourteen other people (I should say "characters") can be quite a daunting prospect under most circumstances, but here at Summit Semester a van ride is always capable of producing unparalleled hilarity and mirth. This six hour trip was no exception, and incredibly many of us were able to catch some refreshing shut-eye in the midst of the cacophony, much of which was inspired by the veritable smorgasbord of music that included hearty sing alongs to such tunes as "The Phantom of the Opera". Needless to say, once we entered the high alpine meadows, God's creation left us breathless.
Numerous scenic stops dominated our trip to Ouray, and I decided while passing through Silverton that it would behoove me to ride the steam train through the mountains someday—something definitely to anticipate. We did ultimately reach Ouray and spent about ninety minutes making the most of the location, i.e. touring as many shops as possible and hopelessly gawking like tourists. Although a few of us were more than a little disappointed that the Ouray candy shop did not stock sassafras candy, the town redeemed itself in our eyes when we found a cache of old-fashioned sassafras hard candy in the general store. We celebrated.
As brevity prevails, suffice it to say that we would have been hard-pressed to spend a more delightful day on the road. I took more pictures during the trip than the previous three weeks put together. Not only did we pass through a glorious mountain region during the pinnacle of autumn grandeur, but we also managed to fit in a much-needed stop at Wal Mart on the return trip. And how better to cap off such a day than by eating supper at Applebee's in Durango?

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