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September 08, 2008

And so it begins…

And so it begins…

As I sit here in Snow Wolf Lodge it all seems so surreal. Less than a month ago, I was headed back to Dallas Baptist University to begin my junior year as a philosophy major, and yet here I am. I am surrounded by like-minded peers all vigorously pursuing after God's truth and a staff and faculty that are doing everything possible to encourage us and help that to happen.
Today we hopped into our first full day of classes with Dr. Bauman and began the routine that will be our constant throughout this entire semester. We started with an amazing biscuits and gravy breakfast at eight before heading to class at nine. The discussion today centered around our three main classes for our semester. Our first period was basic Christian political thought, and next we moved into a brief introduction of history and theology where Bauman stressed that our religious past counts and our roots make a difference.
Our final topic of English Literature was fairly easy to begin with...until it took an all too normal Bauman twist! One must understand that Dr. Michael Bauman is a teacher whose style is sadly becoming dangerously close to extinction in today's arenas of higher learning. He takes a fairly innocent question or topic and raises questions such as, "What is a good life and what good is life? What is a good death and what good is death? What is a good love and what good is love? What is a human being?" that force everyone in the room to stop, think, and prepare a feeble defense for the expected probing that will come (and when I say everyone participates I mean every single person in our class!).
After we wrapped up our time in the classroom we then moved to a wonderfully filling lunch which wrapped up with my dish-pit crew (GO TEAM ARGGG!!!!), setting the bar pretty high by finishing cleaning all the dishes and setting the tables in a speedy thirty-one minutes!!! Immediately following that invigorating dash, I settled down to study for three hours...yep, that is right, three hours will barely suffice in the coming days as we seek to answer the big questions raised in our minds. We then enjoyed the rest of our typically dazzling Colorado afternoon exercising our bodies by playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and hiking. Well, it is time for our evening session concerning Creationism taught by Mike Mandt. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming from the students of Summit Semester 2008.

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