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November 17, 2008

All Too Fast

All Too Fast

A lot has happened this past week. Along with learning from the culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we have been learning from each other in different areas. From sledding on cookie sheets after the first major snowfall, to vigorous talks at the dinner table, we have been seeking out truth in all we do, and the fun had while doing it is merely a bonus.

We have been away from Snow Wolf Lodge this past weekend studying art and culture in Santa Fe. The diversion from the routine that I have held for the past two and a half months has given me time to reflect on all that has happened here. Additionally, Eric has been encouraging us to write about our experiences here thus far. More specifically, how our views on God and man have changed. How has our thinking improved on the subject? Has our relationship with the two changed? How do they interact and how are we supposed to interact? It ultimately goes back to the beginning of the semester when we began to answer the question, "What is a human being?" And, as many of the questions posed at the start of our time here, this one continues to come up in our conversations.

I believe this new mindset is going to be a continual growing process that will carry on into my time back home. I am thankful for the constant support and encouragement I have received from my fellow classmates these past two months. We will all, no doubt, leave here changed, and eager to answer more questions that lie ahead of us.

As I mentioned earlier, this past weekend we embarked on a four-day long voyage to Santa Fe, New Mexico! This trip has been talked about since the beginning of the semester, and we were all excited when it finally arrived. The trip brought into view all that we had been studying in our "Art and Culture" class. At the beginning of the semester, we were assigned the task of defining art as we saw fit. This seemingly simple assignment proved to be one of the most talked about, as well as one of the most frustrating subjects yet. For the last day of class, our "revised" definitions of art were brought back up and scrutinized by Mr. Pepiton. I know we have all learned to look at art in a different way and have learned to appreciate it with a new perspective, even if we have yet to define it entirely.

We arrived in Santa Fe on Thursday afternoon and set out on our first adventure: an art-themed scavenger hunt down Canyon Road. As with anywhere we travel to, our large group seems to dominate any place we go. Downtown Santa Fe was no exception. We piled out of our vans and set off in search of Impressionistic, Fauvist, and Color Field art. The events on Thursday centered around impressionistic, and Friday we were introduced to modern and performing art. We visited Site Santa Fe, which was an annual art show featuring works created solely for the purpose of the exhibit. In a few short months, the pieces are either destroyed or given to charity. Afterwards, we visited the Georgia O'Keeffe museum and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Santa Fe. My favorite event of the weekend was the Kronos Quartet concert Saturday evening.

Now, before I continue giving all the juicy details of the weekend, I will refrain from writing out all of the events, since it has come to my attention that Trevor has already written about the weekend. Although much more could be said about our time there, I will turn my attention to our life back at Snow Wolf Lodge.

I am pleased to announce the end of the strep throat epidemic. For six days now, all of us that were sick have returned to our healthy selves ready to complete the semester strong. It seemed like sickness had been lingering here since the start of the semester. Although many precautions were taken so as not to spread the sickness, I am positive we can credit this dashing triumph to our use of paper products at mealtimes (a hint to the cooks - the dish crews thoroughly enjoyed having such a small amount of cleanup!). Being back in the kitchen today, however, caused me to realize how grateful I am for the loudness and chaos that washing dishes entails.

The weekend is over, and Monday is here. It's the last full week of classes. Time has gone by all to fast. I know the things I have learned throughout my time here will carry on into my life back home. As Dr. Bauman told us at the beginning of the semester, "routine is the key to success." Pray that we all continue this routine in these last two weeks, and into our time back home.

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