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November 18, 2011

About the Men…

About the Men…

There’s a famous saying, “boys will be boys.”  But here at Summit Semester, it doesn’t quite cut it.  Here we say “boys will be men,” and we say this with all sincerity. The other night, our Semester men showed the Summit ladies appreciation by blowing through every expectation we could ever have had. They planned a day in which we would be served in every possible way. It began with scones in the morning and the boys all taking our place on dish crews. It continued at lunch with orange chicken (inspired by our very own Hawaiian, Chris). But  

The announcement that let us know something special was up came at lunch. We were informed that no girls were permitted to enter the dining area or kitchen from 4:30-5:30. Following afternoon work crews, we were told to get very dressed up.  We took it to heart. We all spent an hour primping and finding just the right dress to borrow from our neighbor. At 5:30 we were told to come over to the main lodge...little did we know the surprise we would find. 

When we stepped through the door, our eyes were met by Christmas lights, tables decked out with candles, rose petals, and baskets of fresh french bread (made by our own Steven Forrester). We were met by our Summit men, all of them dressed up in ties and suits, and were escorted to our seats to the sounds of beautiful music. That's right, we were each escorted from the door to our table, where we found a name card and a menu outlining the six-course meal to come. After our usual singing of the doxology, the meal began, every bit of it cooked and served by the Summit men. The fresh bread with dipping oil was followed by Caesar salad, tomato basil soup, a palate cleanser of sorbet, "" with pesto pasta, and last, a plate of fudge perfectly arranged with sliced strawberries.

Throughout the entire meal, Jon McArthur made announcements as to what course was coming next (yes, each course was brought out with great ceremony by our Summit men after being prepared by our excellent chef, “Roberto” Oakley).  When the meal was over, the men all filed into a back room while we watched a short video they had made thanking all the ladies for just being “us.” After the short film the men each gave us a parcel containing seventeen letters; one from each of them. Reading and re-reading each letter has been a delight, and may have been the cause of  a few tears of laughter and joy.  

I am blessed beyond measure to have each of these men here as fellow students.  The caliber and genuineness of each of them is through the roof. They have challenged me to look beyond myself and my immediate needs in order to be a greater servant leader. They have helped me grow as a woman of God and they appreciate the inner beauty more than the outward appearance. I cannot say it enough... I love the Summit Semester men. And I know I speak for all the ladies here.


by Sarah Donley

The second of five sisters, Sarah has come to Summit Semester with a desire to learn how to ask deep questions. She wants to become a “purposeful and well-equipped leader.” She attended Word of Life Institute, and is now a student at SUNY Adirondack, working toward her AA degree in the liberal arts. She loves hiking, family, and the great outdoors. 

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  • November 18, 2011 // 01:06 pm //  # 
    Becca's avatar Becca

    I’m so impressed with reading this. I’m so glad to know that your motto of ‘boys will be men’ is taken to heart and I hope this continues and spills over into the rest of their lives!!

  • November 19, 2011 // 05:28 pm //  # 
    Kathleen Mahoney's avatar Kathleen Mahoney


  • November 19, 2011 // 11:46 pm //  # 
    Matt Lacy's avatar Matt Lacy

    Very Nice Job Men! Keep it up

  • November 23, 2011 // 03:21 pm //  # 
    Fred Forester's avatar Fred Forester

    Thanks for sharing that, Sarah.  You are all a very special group of people.  You give people like me (Steven’s dad) hope for your generation.

  • November 25, 2011 // 01:30 am //  # 
    Valerie J Donley's avatar Valerie J Donley

    “Six Smiling Sisters Sat in the Sun.”

    To Sarah, the third of six sisters,
    As the mother of all six of you, I have prayed faithfully through your growing up years that there would be parents raising up Godly young men to His honor and glory.  Thank you for sharing about this group of outstanding young men.  It is a blessing and encouragement to hear.  Mom

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