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October 15, 2007

A weekend hike

I am torn over whether to say that I am sad or joyful to have made it through yet another amazing weekend of Summit Semester. We had a blast this past week and the weekend held only more unforgettable experiences. Saturday morning we left the lodge for almost a full day of hiking, and the weather could not have been better. Out first excursion was to the top of Treasure Falls. Along the way we crossed a stream over a fallen tree, laughed as we all struggled to keep our balance on the steep and rocky hillside, and paused on occasion to savor the incredible scenery around us. Once we reached the falls it was impossible not to stand in amazement at the inexplicable majesty of this picture painted by our creator. We spent some time at the waterfall letting the cool mist spray our flushed faces and taking pictures to help us remember this experience.
After lunch we drove up a small mountain road for another hiking expedition. Part of the group went exploring the continental divide and the rest of us caught up on some necessary studying while enjoying the view. To top off our afternoon, we saw our first flurry of snow! (This is an exciting moment in the life of an Alabamian who has not seen snow on the ground in fourteen years.)
Later that night, a few of us decided to soak our scrapes and bruises from the day's hike in the hot springs. The water was pleasant and relaxing and the night was gorgeous for star gazing. After a long day of physical exertion, this allowed us to unwind.
All in all the weekend was exhilarating and definitely memorable. However, in spite of all the positive things, I still struggle with a conflict of emotions over the passing time. Summit Semester has been an incredible experience for me so far and it brings sadness to think about how swiftly the weeks past. I do my best to make the most of my time here so that I will have too many enjoyable memories to count when the time comes for me to return to Alabama. I assure you that everyone has that same idea.

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