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October 19, 2008

A Pregnant China Man, Irish Singing, and Other Festivities

A Pregnant China Man, Irish Singing, and Other Festivities

It is so crazy that we are already halfway through the semester. Sometimes it seems that Dr. Bauman has always been inside my mind and that it isn't at all unusual to read six books in six weeks and be working on four more. Other times I can't possibly figure out where the time has gone. I'm reminded how quickly life passes and how important it is to be intentional with my time. Every moment counts towards something. Of course, this doesn't mean that we are constantly in our books and refuse to communicate with each other outside of the classroom or subject topics.
For instance, tonight at family meeting we laid aside the discussion of our values and played a little Cranium; adapted to Summit Semester by our married small group leaders, Shun-Luoi and Dawn. We were just having a grand old time playing and accepting the hard concept that the girls were winning when the last card was drawn. We had to do a charade with three people and went into the back storage closet to read the card. Dawn warned us three that we were in no way allowed to respond in an outburst when we read the card and had to act perfectly normal when we went to go act it out. Noelle, Sarah-Ruth and I were the girls' team. We all complied with the instructions and then Dawn showed us the card. On it was written, "Dawn and Shun-Luoi are pregnant." We all read it and then dispersed in different corners to figure out how we'd act it out. Us girls got into a room and all of a sudden it clicked. I couldn't have an outburst so in a suppressed scream I said, "You guys, they are pregnant!!!" Sarah-Ruth was squatting on the floor holding onto my arm trying not to scream. We figured out how to act this out without using words and then headed out to help tell everyone. Noelle slanted her eyes in an oriental fashion and pretended to take pictures to depict Shun-Luoi. I did the sign language for pregnant while Sarah-Ruth was rubbing my imaginary tummy. The girls were confused for a bit and were yelling out many things related to pregnant, Chinese, and Shun-Luoi. Finally Mandy timidly questioned, "Dawn and Shun Luoi are pregnant?!." We three charades girls screamed our "Yes!" and then all the girls started screaming and jumping up and down and giving each other hugs. While we figured it out the guys had concluded that they were dealing with a pregnant China man. However, when they heard us yell and saw us hugging one another there was jumping on their part and the typical slapping of backs and shaking of hands. I love the contrast of responses.

The new parents had pictures of their baby to show us. Right now the little one is the size of a grape and has visible eye sockets, has a strong heartbeat and is already moving around. We all refer to it as a "he" so it must be a boy. This is so exciting for all of us. I'm so thrilled to be sharing this time with Dawn and Shun-Luoi and every one else here.

We have Dr. Williams as a guest professor this week. I've already been blessed by this man as he has made a point of knowing our names and being familiar with our pictures from our biographies. When I went to introduce myself to him he beat me to it and said, "Hi Colleen." He then talked for a little bit about an Irish song that had my name in it and then proceeded to sing it for me. It was great! He interacts with all of us and doesn't seem to get tired of being with us and just watching us do the things that are part of our everyday life.
Monday night we have our presentations of Midrash, which is the Jewish tradition of interpreting scripture using art. The passage of scripture that we're using is Matthew 13:1-32. I look forward to seeing what everyone has come up with.

Please pray that the Lord will be giving each of us direction for the next step after Summit Semester. This is a wonderful period of our life and prepares us in so many ways to step out; we do need the direction, though, to know where to step. Please be praying for us. Thank you - Shalom.

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  • October 21, 2008 // 03:08 am //  # 
    Sandy McMillion's avatar Sandy McMillion

    This brought tears of joy to imagine all of you and your excitement with Dawn and Shun-Luoi!  I am feeling very blessed that you are surrounded by so many loving friends, staff and faculty as you all make momentous decisions about your next step.  Praying for all of you.

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