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July 06, 2012

A Few Highlights

A Few Highlights

What a privilege to blog for Summit Semester! I don’t even know where to begin! There has been so much to think about for the last two weeks and my mind simply spins with the amount of new information to process. Thankfully, tomorrow morning we have some time dedicated to solitude, which will allow our minds to rest and focus in again on Christ and the things that are truly important.


As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of all the people who might be reading this: my family, my friends, the people who donated money so I could come here, and others who are planning to attend Summit Semester. I ask myself: what would they want to hear about the most? What would benefit them? So here are a few highlights from the last week I think you may enjoy.


Monday morning brought the adventure of a three-hour trip to Estes Park and a wonderful picnic in the mountains. Then we hiked to a waterfall and relished in its beauty – the rocks, the mist, the smell. It was so refreshing! On the three-hour trip home, we stopped for supper at Chick-fil-a, played Catch Phrase, and read the book of Jeremiah so that we could be ready for our class with Eric Smith. It was an exciting day – almost as exciting as seeing a bear wandering around the cabins the next morning!


Of course, there are the classes! We had the privilege of spending four days with Mr. Eric Smith learning about the validity of the New Testament, the canonization process, and how to study the Bible. He reminded us of the overall picture of the Bible, and how it all points to Christ and His amazing work of salvation. Dr. Myers has also spoken during the last two days on mentoring and being mentored. It was especially helpful for us to practice coaching each other by simply asking questions.


Today we had work crews, where we split up to do a variety of jobs. Gene and I got assigned to help in the kitchen, which was so much fun that we stayed for an extra hour. It gave us a whole new appreciation for the kitchen staff! I did find it amusing, however, that a couple people wanted to know if we were assigned KP as punishment. We quickly assured them that that was not the case!


I am so thankful to be here and to all of you who supported me in coming! And I am so grateful to Christ for His loving-kindness in bringing me here, in allowing me to sit under this kind of teaching, in providing great friends for me, and in blessing me with the beauty of the nature all around! Only He knows what adventures the next week may hold!


Arminda Brock

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