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October 16, 2007

A contradiction in evolutionary reasoning

Today, the most prominent theory on how the world began taught in the classroom is evolution. Although the theory lacks a substantial amount of evidence to defend it and ignores an incredible amount of evidence against it, it remains the explanation that grade school children receive when posing the question "How did we get here?"
Even in light of all of the contested theories of our day, evolution still has an iron grip on the next generation's education. Evolutionists would argue that other supposedly legitimate theories (i.e. creationism) are nothing but religious jargon and should be discarded from the classroom for that reason. This is partly true. Many of the explanations of the origin of the universe depend largely on faith and thus would be considered a "religious" position. However, the belief that any religious theory should not be taught in the classroom is inconsistent with the present condition.
The evidence supporting evolution does not offer a better answer to these standards. Evolution is also a theory. The amount of evidence presented for evolution does not offer a greater argument of facts than the other theories. If all religious viewpoints on the subject should be dismissed from school curriculum, then we should under no circumstances be teaching evolution to America's youth.

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