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September 26, 2007

A busy weekend

During the last school week we kept busy with our morning classes, reading, work groups, study times, and, on some days, evening classes. However, for a bit of a change, Friday we extended our work group time. Some of us worked on repairing the deck on one of the cabins, some washed the vans (which were covered in mud due to a recent rainstorm), and others cleaned the inside of the cabins.
Friday afternoon, after lunch, we packed dinner, the men gathered our camping gear, and we all hiked to Opal Lake to eat dinner. When we arrived at the lake we went around and gathered firewood. In some cases, this meant bringing entire fallen trees to the would-be campfire and chopping them with machetes. Some of the men and myself took to the task of making some smaller, fallen trees into spears. The fire built, the group gathered around and cooked hotdogs. After dinner, the ladies left and the fellows gathered around the fire and talked for a time, then we camped out in the wilderness under the stars.
Saturday morning, we left early for Pagosa Springs to watch the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We watched about 35 balloons launch and a few students even attempted to get a ride. We then had the opportunity to walk around Pagosa Springs; I went with some friends and visited the thrift shops and candy store.
After a long and full weekend, Mr. Michael Mandt is visiting now to discuss Christianity and Science. Mr. Mandt teaches his sessions at night while Dr. Bauman continues with the studies on Church History, English Literature, and Christianity and Politics in the mornings. I am soaking up as much as I can, and I know my classmates are doing the same.

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