Workplace Giving

There are two common types of workplace giving programs:

Matching Gifts

Many companies set aside funds to support non-profit charities. Your company may have a matching gift program that could multiply your charitable giving. You may even be able to participate if you are a retiree.

Workplace Campaigns

Workplace campaigns, sometimes called workplace employee charitable fund drives, are charitable solicitation programs conducted at places of employment. Most gifts are made in the form of pledges via automatic payroll deduction, where contributions are deducted from an employee’s paycheck over the course of the next year or, in some cases one-time contributions.

Benefits of work place giving programs include:

  • Gives employee and management an opportunity to work together in a major charitable campaign
  • Campaigns can be fun and spirited
  • A low cost method of fund raising

If you are interested in workplace giving programs, please contact us to discuss the details.