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Biblical Christianity Islam Secular Humanism Marxism-Leninism Cosmic Humanism Postmodernism
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Source Bible Qur'an, Hadith, Sunnah Humanist Manifesto I, II & III Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao MacLaine, Spangler, Chopra, Walsch Nietzsche, Foucault, Derrida, Rorty
Theology Theism (Trinitarian) Theism (Unitarian) Atheism Atheism Pantheism Atheism
Philosophy Supernaturalism (Faith & Reason) Supernaturalism (Faith & Reason) Naturalism Dialectical Materialism Non-naturalism Anti-realism
Ethics Moral Absolutes Moral Absolutes Moral Relativism Proletariat Morality Moral Relativism (Karma) Cultural Relativism
Biology Creationism Creationism Neo-Darwinian Evolution Punctuated Evolution Cosmic Evolution Punctuated Evolution
Psychology Mind/Body Dualism (Fallen) Mind/Body Dualism (un-fallen) Monism (Self-Actualization) Monism (Behaviorism) Higher Consciousness Socially-Constructed Selves
Sociology Traditional Family, Church, State Polygamy, Mosque, Islamic State Non-traditional Family, Church, State Classless Society Non-traditional Family, Church, State Sexual Egalitarianism
Law Divine/Natural Law Shari'ah Law Positive Law Proletariat Law Self Law Critical Legal Studies
Politics Justice, Freedom, Order Islamic Theocracy (Global Islam) Liberalism (Secular World Government) Statism (Communist World Government) Self Government (New World Order) Leftism
Economics Stewardship of Property Stewardship of Property Interventionism Socialism Universal Enlightened Production Interventionism
History Creation, Fall, Redemption Historical Determinism (Jihad) Historical Evolution Historical Materialism Evolutionary Godhead Historicism