The Worldviews in Focus: Thinking Like a Christian teaching package includes the following: 1) Leader’s Guide CD-ROM, 2) Teaching Textbook, 3) Teaching DVD, and 4) Student Journal.

Teaching Materials

Thinking Like a Christian teaching textbookTeaching Textbook
The textbook lays the groundwork for worldview thinking and the biblical Christian worldview. Worldviews are compared along 10 major life disciples: Theology, Philosophy, Biology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Law, Politics, Economics, and History.


Thinking Like a Christian teaching DVDTeaching DVD
The video is integrated into each of the 14 lessons and supplies an overview for each section in the curriculum. The video is shot in a documentary format and features a number of top Christian apologists and worldview experts — David Noebel, Josh McDowell, Norm Geisler, J.P. Moreland, and others.


Thinking Like a Christian student journalStudent Journal
The student journal corresponds with the video, leader’s guide, and textbook. Included are notes, class assignments, and daily work, which include predominantly subjective, though-provoking questions.


Thinking Like a Christian CD-ROM leader's guideLeader’s Guide CD-ROM
The CD-ROM features four independent teaching tracks: high school, college, adult, and homeschool students. Each track includes discussion ideas, skits, interactive segments, and reproducible handouts.