The Lightbearers Teaching Package includes the following: Teacher Manual, Student Manual, Textbook (How to Be Your Own Selfish Pig), and 19 Teaching Disc (1 Supplemental CD-ROM and 18 DVDs).

Manuals and Textbook

Middle School Worldview Curriculum Teacher ManualTeacher Manual
This comprehensive manual is complete with day-to-day lesson plans including: projects, resources, discussions, writing assignments, and more.


Middle School Worldview Curriculum Student WorkbookStudent Manual
This workbook contains fill-in-the-blank notes for each video segment, as well as readings on various topics to help the student gain a deeper grasp of worldview thinking and application. This manual provides each student with a complete set of notes and outlines for various assignments, discussions, and test reviews.


Middle School Worldview Curriculum Student TextHow to Be Your Own Selfish Pig
Author Susan Schaeffer Macaulay has spent most of her youth at L’Abri Fellowship, the ministry founded by her father, Francis Schaeffer. While she was growing up, she had the opportunity to meet many different people from all walks of life, finding their way from every corner of the globe and holding to various worldviews. In this book, she will walk your students through their stories as they search for the answers to their pressing questions.

Teaching Discs

Jr High School Worldview Curriculum Supplemental CD-ROMSupplemental CD-ROM
The Supplemental CD-ROM includes section tests and assignments.


Jr High School Worldview Curriculum Supplemental Media Clip DVDSupplemental Media Clip DVD
The Media Clip DVD contains short clips from popular films used to illustrate various points made throughout this curriculum.


Re:View Films VideoRe:View Films DVD
The re:View worldview study is built around seven award-winning short films, each designed to motivate discussion and pave the way for the topic at hand. These films will invoke discussion among your students, allowing them to dig deep into each of the following worldview topics: culture as a whole, the ultimate questions in life, worldviews, Naturalism, Transcendentalism, Theism, and engaging the culture.


Mind over Media VideoMind over Media DVD
How does the media affect us? Stan Campbell and Randy Southern take a look at the eternal importance of making sound entertainment choices giving students the information they need to do so.


My Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth? VideoMy Truth, Your Truth, Whose Truth? DVD
Dr. James Dobson and others share eye-opening insights into the myths of relativism and the concept of absolute truth.


Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution VideoIncredible Creatures That Defy Evolution DVD
This high-quality series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory. An evolutionary scientist comes face-to-face with exciting and clear evidence of Divine design in nature, and becomes an ardent Creationist.


The Case against Abortion VideoThe Case against Abortion DVD
Scott Klusendorf instructs students on how to think about abortion and how to dissuade advocates of abortion.


The Biblical Christian Worldview VideoThe Biblical Christian Worldview DVD
The short documentary-style presentations in this series trace the impact of the Biblical Christian worldview on sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.


Marriage and Family VideoMarriage and Family DVD
John Stonestreet talks about the ways in which the traditional view of the family is best for society and individuals alike, about God’s original plan for marriage and family, and about the consequences a deteriorating image of marriage and the family are having on our culture today.


Guard Your Heart VideoGuard Your Heart DVD
John Stonestreet discusses some modern deceptions facing young people — that their actions don’t really matter, that they can “disconnect” one part of life from all the others, or that they cannot really be held accountable for our actions — and encourages students to understand that the decisions they make will shape their lives.


Harding Cartoons VideoHarding Cartoons DVD
A set of four short cartoons with keen insight and witty scripts that humorously convey timeless principle about economics, politics, and human nature.


Who Is This Jesus? VideoWho Is This Jesus? DVD
Almost 2000 years after Roman soldiers executed a Jewish man who claimed to be God, the mystery remains. Did Jesus Christ — as his followers then and since have loudly proclaimed — really walk out of the tomb? Or is that claim a fraud or fairy tale? Who Is This Jesus: Is He Risen? presents experts — liberal and conservative — who offer surprising insights into the central question on which Christianity stands or falls, and is hosted by D. James Kennedy and Dean Jones.


Six Great Questions VideoSix Great Questions DVD
This discussion centers on several key questions to ask in a conversation to help clarify terms, solidify sources of information, and consider the consequences of a line of thought in everyday life.