We continue to receive positive comments from our teachers, students, and parents on how much they love the Summit Bible curriculum. It has been just the right thing at just the right time for our school and is also beginning to have impact on our church culture as well.

Steve Y (Trinity Christian School, Omaha NE)

NEVER do we adopt a material to be used and allow that to be the driving force of an academic discipline — UNTIL now. I knew that we wanted to lay a foundation in our K–6 programming that would prepare our students to enter public middle school with a firm foundation in biblical worldview thinking and know how to use that worldview to shape their decisions as they leave us. Here at Penn Christian Academy we have 3 major objectives: scholarship (rigor in our academics), leadership (we prepare students to lead) and biblical worldview (using this to shape their decisions in life). Your Building on the Rock series was exactly what we were looking for to lay that foundation and create the framework necessary for our parents and students themselves to continue building.

The results have been amazing. Parents are completely blown away by the discussions they have with their children about God. We consistently hear stories from parents that applaud our direction. It needed to be different than the typical “Sunday school” lesson (which our students get ad infinitum) and challenge their thinking. That is exactly what we got! (not to sound too much like a commercial — I am not normally a “gusher&” but what you have developed is extraordinary)

Sari Harris (Penn Christian Academy, Butler PA)

These materials have had and continue to have a...I can hardly find the words to describe it...to say they're having a "profound" effect on my children and the university students seems to be an understatement. In a culture where critical thinking is neither valued nor taught, the eternal life changes that I'm seeing in many around me can be clearly traced back to the use of this curriculum.

Todd Blake (English Language Institute)

The students are already making the connections between the biblical worldview truths learned in the curriculum and other subjects they are studying. I am excited to see what God is doing through ‘your’ curriculum. I am loving this curriculum. We have had great critical thinking questions already as a class. The curriculum is awesome!!! The Teacher Manual has excellent organization. Very easy to use. I love the Teacher’s Notes because they help to refresh my memory and give me background info. The Student Workbooks are great reinforcement and the Memory Verses are very helpful. I am blessed to be teaching it.

Maureen F (Wellington Academy)