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Summit at Tenessee (Blog 1)

Summit has been probably the best experiences in my life. First off the kids here are amazing! I did not meet one rude person. The guys happily take your plates and hold the doors for you. I come from a public school community, so I have never been around so many genuinely nice teenagers. The speakers here are unbelievably amazing. The insightful information they give us makes me think about everything in a new way. I always grew up having to defend my Christian faith and moral beliefs at school. At Summit the speakers will use the word "pro-life" and "conservative" and there is no objection. This sense of unity is such a luxury compared to my school! The actual content of the lectures really make me think critically. We are allowed to voice our opinions and ask questions. The speakers...
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Tennessee Session Two- 7/31/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/31/09 Well, we have reached the conclusion of our last session of Summit this summer. What a crazy ride! I am so glad you decided to experience a little piece of Summit with us through this Blog. The student here, last session, and in VA worked very hard to offer you a glimpse of their amazing experience here at Summit.
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Tennessee Session Two- 7/30/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/30/09 I came to Summit to prepare me for the different views I would see at college. I have met tons of new friends with the same intellectual curiosity about Christianity that I have. I have especially enjoyed our small group and how it was able to deepen my understanding of the Gospel.
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Tennessee Session Two- 7/29/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/29/09 Well hello everyone out there in internet land! I hope everyone is doing well! Summit has been an awesome experience. I hope to take home all the information I've learned and apply it to my life. Today we played wiffle ball which was craziness, and took the group picture finally after a day of rain. It started raining this morning but by God's grace he stopped the rain and brought out the sun just for us!
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Tennessee Session Two- 7/28/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/28/09 Summit has been absolutely phenomenal, just like last year. We've had a ton of great lectures by a handful of amazing professors and speakers. Topics ranging from feminism to abortion to economics to social justice, it's all been extremely enlightening, helping to spark our interest and further our knowledge of the world around us. At Summit, we've been learning something very important: not only to see the world around us, but to know the world around us.