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Peyton Holliday (Tennessee)

Peyton Holliday (Tennessee) Peyton discusses how 1 Peter 3:15-16 spoke to her at Summit Tennessee and how it perfectly wraps up what Summit is about. She says, "Whenever we try to defend our faith, we must do it boldly and respectfully. Do it so that we will not be bothered by our conscience. We should do our best and represent Christ in everything we say."
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Joe Solem (Tennessee)

Joe Solem (Tennessee) Joe describes the calling he has as a result of Summit Tennessee. He says, "The lessons I have learned during my time here at Summit will be a stepping stone for me to go in the world. A Summit staffer recently told me, 'Joe, what you learn here will shape you as a Christian. Yet, it is not enough be a Christian. You have the opportunity to change the world with what you have learned here!'"
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Anne Carman (Tennessee)

Anne Carman (Tennessee) "As a Summit alumna, I came to this session with high expectations. I came with questions, expecting to receive answers," says Anne. "I came with doubts, expecting to find resolve. I came with beliefs, expecting to be challenged. I came as a Christian, expecting to be strengthened... We’ve already had speakers who have posed questions that remain unanswered. Why? For multiple reasons, but one of the prominent reasons being to instill the pursuit of truth."
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Ben Reagan (Tennessee)

Ben Reagan (Tennessee) Ben shares how Summit Tennessee is helping him overcome his personal addiction. He says, "[It was] revealed to me once again how much I need God in my life, how much I need to worship or rather admire Him, and also how enjoyable it will be to do these things to grow closer and know more of Him." Continue reading to read the poem he wrote called "He Is The Way."
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Elizabeth Smedley (Tennessee)

Elizabeth Smedley (Tennessee) How is Elizabeth's first week at Summit Tennessee? She says, "I’ve been here merely two days and already feel closer to God, closer to my calling, and closer to a real understanding of the faith I’ve dealt with my whole life. I have begun to feel God’s fingerprints on my life; that is a gift that cannot be bought or sold and will stay with me forever."