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Jason Poarch - Summit TN Faculty

Jason Poarch - Summit TN Faculty Jason Poarch, Summit TN Host, shares why he and his wife come to Summit for 2 weeks. He says, "Summit has a history of loving 2 things: students and ideas. In fact, it is said that Summit speakers need to love the students more than the ideas on which they speak. When it comes to education, we must seek to redeem and restore image-bearers before we expect teaching and growth to happen."
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La’Tia Coleman

La’Tia Coleman I can’t imagine life without my small group women. I met a spectacular group of girls and a phenomenal small group leader that I consider to be my friends. I really do hope and pray to continue to cultivate our friendships after we leave Summit. I thank God for Summit Ministries. I don’t know anywhere else where I could have had the opportunity to grow and be challenged intellectually, relationally, and spiritually.
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Joseph Cook

Joseph Cook I was grateful to learn, was the reliability and completeness of the Bible. The amount of manuscripts and the detailed process scribes used to record Scripture assures us that we have it almost exactly as it was written. And despite the variety of authors and topics in the books of the Bible, they all fit together well, in order to tell the story of God's redemption and grace.
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Christopher Roberts - Student

Christopher Roberts - Student I didn't want to come Summit. Now that the two weeks are almost over? Summit has taught and reinforced lessons that I will be using until the day I die. I figured I might as well share my favorites. Here are 3 lessons I've learned at Summit Tennessee: There is nothing like friendship, share your struggles with a community, and you have to live out love.
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Chesley Rowlett - Staff

Chesley Rowlett  - Staff When you are on staff, not only do you get to form a team with some of the best twenty-somethings in the country, you also receive invaluable training and mentoring from your coordinators and the faculty. My staffing experience has changed my perspective on life. Learning to pour myself out to students in a real and authentic manner is one of the most useful skills I have learned here.