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Jean Paul Landreneau (Colorado, Session 6)

Jean Paul Landreneau (Colorado, Session 6) Jean Paul enjoyed learning about what freedom as an American means. He says, "The viewpoints and undeniable facts presented by the speakers really impacted my view on things like free speech as a citizen of the United States of America and as a student on a secular college campus."
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Jacob Walters (Colorado, Session 6)

Jacob Walters (Colorado, Session 6) Jacob Walters describes how he enjoyed the Summit classroom and how Dr. Noebel impacted him. He says, "I have grown through the multitude of things I have learned and through the different people I have met here at Summit. Every new lesson I learn makes me want to make myself more well-read and well-rounded to face my friends and future and be fully confident no matter what situation I am in."
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Haley McCannon (Colorado, Session 6)

Haley McCannon (Colorado, Session 6) Having attended church camps before, Summit's Student Conference proved to be a different experience than Haley was expecting. She says, "My expectation was that it was going to be just like any typical church camp, reading and analyzing the Bible, and worshiping the Lord. All of that is great (and necessary), but it is an experience I have had many times before." Continue reading to hear what changed just a few days into the conference.
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Shady Thabet (Colorado, Session 6)

Shady Thabet (Colorado, Session 6) Young adults from all over the nation and the world have attended a Summit Student Conference. This summer, 16-year-old Shady Thabet traveled from Egypt to attend Summit's Colorado Student Conference, Session 6. He shares about the ease of building community with the faculty and students and his interest in learning more about Islam from Abdu Murray.
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Nicole Liesmaki (Colorado, Session 5)

Nicole Liesmaki (Colorado, Session 5) Summit is a place full of real people. Real people, taking real adventures, discussing real challenges and living real life. Summit Ministries, surrounded by breathtaking mountains in the town of Manitou Springs, surpassed my expectations. I have been so blessed by its intentionality and the challenging, engaging environment. So many opportunities for growth were encouraged and a fun community was formed.