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Jordyn Pair - Session 5

Jordyn Pair - Session 5 When I came to Summit, I expected to hear about those particular topics (and others) and maybe talk about them. I have been completely challenged by the lectures. Not only have they strengthened my faith, but they have given me the tools to understand exactly why I believe what I do and how to challenge others' beliefs.
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Keturah Lamb, Session 5

Keturah Lamb, Session 5 Once arriving at Summit, I was so surprised by the wonderful view - and the place we stay at. Summit Ministries is located in an old, beautiful hotel first built in the 1880s. Besides the lectures there are activities such as hiking and sports. Manitou Springs is just down the road so when not in lectures, groups of us can go down there to shop and visit the custard shop.
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Zach Jones - 2nd Half Staff

Zach Jones - 2nd Half Staff During staff training, Andrew Winchell encouraged the staff to “take the students back to scripture” as much as possible, rather than giving advice and answering questions on our own wisdom. I have seen the wisdom of that statement more than once over the last week of living in community with Session 5 students. Staffing with Summit has been humbling, yet also rewarding. And I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.
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Caroline Rooney - Student

Caroline Rooney - Student "I’ve grown up in a Christian household and my faith has always been more a habit than an intrinsic effort. I wouldn’t think that two weeks could so significantly affect my view on my own faith, but it certainly has. From morning Bible study to touching an ancient Torah, these past two weeks have opened my heart and mind into believing in a much bigger God than I knew before."
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Alex Ganzemiller - Student

Alex Ganzemiller - Student Three years later [after my first time coming to Summit CO] I decided to come back. Now 19 years old and one year of college under my belt, I definitely came to Summit this year with a different level of spiritual maturity and came more prepared for the onslaught of information than before. This second time has not disappointed me in the slightest. In fact, my time here at Summit has majorly exceeded my expectations.