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August 26, 2015 // 10:41 am // Comments Closed // Share This

Andrei Sullivan (Session 7)

Andrei Sullivan (Session 7) I came to Summit somewhat overwhelmed because of opportunities on the horizon that I just do not know which path to take. I don’t think God said directly to go one way or another. The biggest takeaway for me is something that John Stonestreet keeps saying, “You want a good mentor? Talk to old people.” So many people, myself included, think that we can do things by ourselves.
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Cheryl Kaye Wisner (Session 7)

Cheryl Kaye Wisner (Session 7) I came back to Summit again this year because there is still a lot to learn. I'm hungry to know what is true and how to share it with others. Also, the community at Summit is very uplifting. The speakers are willing to pour their knowledge into the students and are eager to answer their questions. The community inspires me to be more like Jesus and shows me what love in action looks like.
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Nela Holmes (Session 7)

Nela Holmes (Session 7) I came to Summit without knowing a single soul. But by the end of week one, I've gotten to know people better, listen to incredible lectures and testimonies, and developed a growing desire to learn apologetics and establish a biblical worldview. The Lord, through Summit, has brought me to meet different people from all walks of life. To listen, live, and learn from them.
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Julian Hague (Session 6)

Julian Hague (Session 6) I have traveled in India and Mexico, England and Italy, Canada and Bermuda, Israel and Puerto Rico, but no adventure, in my mind, compares to The Summit. I’m not saying those trips weren’t fantastic, I simply have never found a community like I did at Summit. From the moment I arrived at Summit, I was welcomed by everyone I talked to and my thoughts and ideas were given intelligent and thought-provoking answers.
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Kaylee Fujan - Staff

Kaylee Fujan - Staff As staff, it’s so fun getting to see the students take the lessons they've learned and go talk about them. Seeing the students apply what they've learned is also really special. Being able to see the “light bulb” moment where the idea hits home is why we’re here. To serve them, love them and train them to go share Christ’s love with the world. For me, that’s the best job in the world.