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Jenny Hartman - Staff

Jenny Hartman - Staff As Eric Smith, Summit’s Program Director explained during staff training, Summit is like a spiritual greenhouse. It’s a place where people grow at an increased rate. After being here four weeks, there is nothing truer than that analogy. To be in the middle of God’s beautiful mountains and do life with like-minded people will cultivate spiritual growth like no other place. Come to Summit, it won’t be an experience you regret.
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Mark Perry (Session 3)

Mark Perry (Session 3) Now, don’t get me wrong: I was very much a Christian throughout my schooling, but my religion seemed distant. My relationship with Christ was more of an intellectual conclusion rather than a personal motivation to live as His follower. In addition, I had no urge to share my faith with those around me. Of course, I was willing, but I hate “stirring the pot” in social circles, and so I generally avoided bringing up the topic of salvation. I’m afraid to say that I’ve been a lukewarm believer, and I know I’m called to more than that. I’ve been using the past tense for these actions (or lack thereof) because I believe that my time at Summit has made a significant impact on my life in so many ways.
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Isabelle Ingalls (Session 2)

Isabelle Ingalls (Session 2) When you go home from a camp, everyone always asks, "What was that camp you went to?" One would think, that after two weeks of wrestling with the top issues and theological discussions of our day, this would be an easy question. It's not. Words seem utterly unable to sum up what Summit Ministries is.
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Nathan Schwebach (Session 2)

Nathan Schwebach (Session 2) My name is Nathan Schwebach and I am from New Mexico. I was raised in a Christian home by two godly parents, however, prior to coming to Summit, I had never really taken my relationship with the Lord seriously. I was a Christian because my parents were, so in consequence I lived like a mediocre Christian.
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AnnaClaire Chin - Staff

AnnaClaire Chin - Staff It was in 2012 that I stepped out of a van with six other high school youth group students and stood in front of Bryan College, totally exhausted from the fourteen hour drive down from Iowa to Tennessee. I had no idea what to expect from Summit Ministries, all I knew was that I was going to be attending a Christian apologetics conference for the next two weeks.