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Montgomery Miller (Colorado, Session 4)

Montgomery Miller (Colorado, Session 4) As Colorado Session 4 wraps up, Montgomery writes about his past 12 days at Summit and how the speaker, student engagement was vital in engaging community and conversation. He said, "One of the ideas drilled into us at Summit is that ideas have consequences. We live in a cultural war of ideas and Summit was founded on the idea of training the next generation of leaders to engage in this battle which permeates society."
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Grace McClure (Colorado, Session 4)

Grace McClure  (Colorado, Session 4) As Grace listens to God through the Word and to the sounds of creation, she paints a beautiful picture of how Summit has taught her how Christians must be careful to talk to God as much as we talk about Him. She said, "We may not win every argument, and we may not have success as the world defines it; but we cannot suffer defeat in the eyes of heaven, for it is The Lord God, the Creator and Sustainer of Life, Light of the World and the Everlasting who loves us and fights for us.

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Rachel Fetting (Colorado, Session 4)

Rachel Fetting (Colorado, Session 4) Rachel received the 2 week Summit Experience as a graduation gift from her parents. The result? She said, "One week in I can say it has certainly been the most impactful, life changing, and information packed week of my life. Undoubtedly one of the best gifts I have received. I am so grateful for this experience and can’t thank my parents enough for providing this opportunity to grow in so many ways."
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Megan Graft (Colorado, Session 4)

Megan Graft (Colorado, Session 4) Megan eloquently compares what she felt like as a Christian before attending Summit to hiking up Red Mountain without preparing. She says, " So many ideas contrary to the Christian worldview and even doubts about my own view barrage me every day. A seemingly mountainous task to battle. Without mental preparation for the marketplace of ideas that is college, defending my views and conquering my doubts will be an exceedingly difficult, perhaps even an undesirable task, just as Red Mountain was without physical preparation."
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Kendall McCullough (Colorado, Session 4)

Kendall McCullough (Colorado, Session 4) Kendall describes his Summit experience as "When I imagine heaven, I envision that it will be somewhat like Summit but greater. Summit is a gathering of wise, intelligent, God-honoring speakers, dedicated, hard working, and caring staff members, and truth-thirsting and sincere Christian students. Everyone comes together for one purpose: to understand God more fully and apply his will into all aspects of life so that we may be his Light."