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Seth Carmody (Colorado, Session 5)

Seth Carmody (Colorado, Session 5) Seth describes Summit as "diverse, scholarly, thought-provoking, incredible, and a blessing." He says, "Summit has been an incredible blessing in my life and has equipped me with the tools to fulfill my career, which is not to be a doctor, make money, and raise a family. My career is to ultimately glorify God."
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Manny Ortiz (Colorado, Session 5)

Manny Ortiz (Colorado, Session 5) Manuel "Manny" Ortiz, gives an international perspective of his experience at Summit's Colorado Student Conferences. He says, "Me, being a born and raised Mexican, was an unlikely addition to a class composed of more than 95% of American students, but it has not been a handicap. Instead, it is a blessing since people here are extremely respectful and accepting of other cultures. I would definitely recommend this camp for young Christians not only from the U.S. but from whatever corner of the earth you come from. It will help you face all obstacles in your way no matter where your way may be."
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Montgomery Miller (Colorado, Session 4)

Montgomery Miller (Colorado, Session 4) As Colorado Session 4 wraps up, Montgomery writes about his past 12 days at Summit and how the speaker, student engagement was vital in engaging community and conversation. He said, "One of the ideas drilled into us at Summit is that ideas have consequences. We live in a cultural war of ideas and Summit was founded on the idea of training the next generation of leaders to engage in this battle which permeates society."
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Grace McClure (Colorado, Session 4)

Grace McClure  (Colorado, Session 4) As Grace listens to God through the Word and to the sounds of creation, she paints a beautiful picture of how Summit has taught her how Christians must be careful to talk to God as much as we talk about Him. She said, "We may not win every argument, and we may not have success as the world defines it; but we cannot suffer defeat in the eyes of heaven, for it is The Lord God, the Creator and Sustainer of Life, Light of the World and the Everlasting who loves us and fights for us.

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Rachel Fetting (Colorado, Session 4)

Rachel Fetting (Colorado, Session 4) Rachel received the 2 week Summit Experience as a graduation gift from her parents. The result? She said, "One week in I can say it has certainly been the most impactful, life changing, and information packed week of my life. Undoubtedly one of the best gifts I have received. I am so grateful for this experience and can’t thank my parents enough for providing this opportunity to grow in so many ways."