Summit’s Educator Worldview Conference is a five-day intensive training conference designed not only to teach Christians educators and non-educators how to analyze the major worldviews of our day, but also to prepare attendees to teach these major concepts in small groups, classrooms, or various academic circles.

Conference Cost

The cost for the TN Adult Worldview Conference is $345.00 for a Single Commuter (includes conference sessions, meals, but not housing), $690.00 for a Married Commuters (includes conference sessions and meals for two, but not housing), $545.00 for a Single Shared (includes conference sessions, meals, and shared room/shared bath), $645.00 for a Single Suite (includes conference sessions, meals, and private room/shared bath), or $940.00 for a Married Private (includes conference sessions, meals, and a private room/private bath for two). Each of these options include a non-refundable $95.00 deposit, meals, tuition, housing, speaker fees, insurance, most outings, class picture, and a notebook containing lecture notes as well as related articles. Please complete the Adult Conference Application form to begin the application process. After your application has been approved, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail.

Note: Thanks to an endowment fund made possible by generous Summit supporters, financial aid scholarships are available — with special assistance for pastors, youth workers, teachers and school administrators. To request an application, please contact us at: 866.786.6483..

2012 Tennessee Educator Conference Calendar

    July 15 – July 20
Status: Accepting Applications