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October 15, 2008

Always Learning

Always Learning

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His loving kindness is everlasting." Psalm 118:1

This verse has often come to mind throughout this semester as I experience aspects of life here. Class with Dr. Bauman is always inspiring and there is never a day when he dismisses class that I don't find myself in deep thought over some subject he has brought to our attention. Community life as well has been a major blessing and source of encouragement. The conversations with fellow students and staff and the relationships built as a result have added greatly and complimented the learning environment. Colorado itself is evidence of the Lord's goodness. We live, work, and play in a gorgeous place.
To expound on one area of our study, we are learning about the life and work of John Milton. He was a man of great self-discipline and determination. Not only did he see that God had a purpose for his life, but he set himself to the task of being the greatest in his calling of writing poetry. For forty years he committed himself to study and preparation, not allowing distractions to thwart his work. The result was the greatest English epic ever written, "Paradise Lost." He is still remembered 400 years later because of his strength of character and focus.

In whatever field of work or area of life we find ourselves in, Dr. Bauman is encouraging all of us to be the best and serve God fully in all that we do. His constant challenge for us to be "thinking Christians" is beginning to take root in our lives. Whenever we are presented with something new, or with something that has been the subject of debates for centuries, we now work through it mentally until we have either reached a conclusion or until our minds quit working. I think we are getting better at it as time goes on. For some of us this is a new aspect of our Christian life that we are finding as very exciting and stimulating.
God has granted each one of us this time to be here studying, and if there was one thing I would ask prayer for, it would be that each of us would understand the value of time and how we should be spending it. It is such a precious commodity that should always be treated as such.
God bless you all.

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