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December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving in Oxford

Well, a week has gone by since Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd share a brief recap. On Thursday, the American students studying here visited the Oxford Study Abroad Programme offices for turkey sandwiches. One of the tutors here asked me the reason for Thanksgiving. "Is it thanksgiving for arrival [to the new world]?" I told him that it could be, but that it was more a day to give thanks in principle for what you have, for family, friends, the ability to throw a feast--that it was a day of thanksgiving to remember blessings. He found it a worthy holiday.

Saturday brought the real feast for us Summit students. I actually went over Friday afternoon to watch over the Bywater children and keep them out of their mum's hair so she and some of the other students could start preparations. My roommate, Josh, and I spent the night. Saturday morning, Lindsey came over to help cook; and the rest of the students arrived around 11:00 am. We ate at at 1:00. It was amazing. Mrs. Bywater cooked a delicious turkey, Andrea made stuffing, Jessica made apple pies, and we enjoyed mashed potatoes, pickles, vegetables, and scrumptious homemade cranberry sauce to boot. It was one of my best thanksgivings. I have to say that after all the time I've spent with the Bywater family and my friends here, we really are a family. Kevin and I often speak keenly of the deep loyalties amongst this group, which we both find extraordinary.

Isaac McPheeters
Fellow, Michaelmas Term '08

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