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January 30, 2009


There is a maze of libraries in Oxford, and I usually have to hop between a few of them to get the books I need each week. This week, however, Tom & I discovered the wonders of the Radcliff Camera, the circular library. Now I am usually not one to get excited about libraries, but this is the Cadillac of libraries. The ceiling must be a 100 feet above your head, laced in intricate stonework. Even when I don't need a book from there, I'll walk across town to read there. Once inside, there is a quiet hum of people working and pages turning. It is like a little whisper in my ear, reminding me that others are working hard, and I should be too!

It also makes a nice conversation starter at breakfast with the guys. "You goin' to the Rad?"

Colin Johnson
Fellow, Hilary Term '09

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