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July 30, 2009

Tennessee Session Two- 7/30/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/30/09

I came to Summit to prepare me for the different views I would see at college. I have met tons of new friends with the same intellectual curiosity about Christianity that I have. I have especially enjoyed our small group and how it was able to deepen my understanding of the Gospel. We were able to trace the symbolic meanings of thorns throughout the Old and New Testament while battling mental and physical exhaustion from a day of hard "Summit work." The speakers at Summit each brought a new element to the table. From crazy Dr. Wise and his wild antics to Dr. Bauman's mind twisting concepts, Summit never produced a dull moment. Although we spent over 70 hours in lectures, we had plenty to do outside of the lecture hall. The extracurricular activities here rock. It sounds simple, but it's true. Everyone has their niche that they fit into with their own little set of people. The time outside of the classroom has been invaluable to building relationships that I hope last a lifetime. I have treasured my time here at The Summit and hope to return next year for even more training and good times! BTW the counselors here rock!


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