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July 30, 2009

Tennessee Session Two- 7/29/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/29/09

Well hello everyone out there in internet land! I hope everyone is doing well! Summit has been an awesome experience. I hope to take home all the information I've learned and apply it to my life. Today we played wiffle ball which was craziness, and took the group picture finally after a day of rain. It started raining this morning but by God's grace he stopped the rain and brought out the sun just for us!
Today we learned about the laws and Government, masculinity and femininity, and reworking the great commission which had a lot of good info and a lot of applicable uses. One of the major points was that we need to work through the local church to influence the world and not to look at the church as the building that we come to worship in but the group of believers that are there and in the community! It's been a great 2 weeks here at Summit. Everyone here is sad that were all leaving Saturday.. :[ God has been in all the speakers and I recommend it to anyone considering coming.

God Bless,

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  • February 06, 2014 // 01:47 pm //  # 
    Abigail Thompson's avatar Abigail Thompson

    My hope is that this year will be as spectacular as that for me as a first time student and for every single student and leader and speaker there. Satan wants no good things to happen so we are taught but we have to overcome that some how or another that we need to figure out, because there are so many new speakers to hear and innumerable new information to learn that it would be a pity to let anything whatsoever get in the way of that. If there are other issues in my life, it is time to settle or discard them, if there are spiritual battles during the conference there needs to be some real prayer over that because we all know who will win in the end and who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Out with the bad and in with the good is what this is all about anyhow, right ? This will be as good as how much it costs, which to me is a fairly great amount. This is going to be incredible and outrageously fun too. Can’t wait to show up on July 17 or there about and see everyone!!!

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