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July 28, 2009

Tennessee Session Two- 7/27/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/27/09

Hey guys, my name is Caitlin. I am one of the students attending Summit at Bryan College.
I'm supposed to be informing you about the wonderful day we had today. Our first speaker today was Kevin McCullough. He is a political radio host. We had a great time listening to him explain all the faults in our government, but we had an even better time when we got a chance to debate our views of government. We all followed the poor man to the lunch table and gave him one heck of a time. I made a decision today that I NEVER want to be President. Following the heated lunch table debate was Dr. Jones and his speech on Truth and Beauty. Directly following Dr. Jones was our "free time". To anyone who is wondering, the Summit Staff lied. It is NOT "free time"; they just make you THINK you can go to your room and crash. When in reality they set up tempting things to do like volleyball, frisbee, and soccer. I am very proud to say that I am learning volleyball pretty well. I am NOT proud to say that ultimate frisbee TOTALLY kicked my tail. And I thought it was a homeschooler's game. Anyway, to finish things off we went to our evening session with Reverend Moore. This has been a very stimulating and exhausting day. All this to say, I love it. Come to Summit! Whoo! -Caitlin

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  • August 04, 2009 // 04:34 pm //  # 
    Lee McCarty's avatar Lee McCarty

    I really did enjoy Mr. McCullough. He really showed me alot about the world of politics and just how corrupt they are. I can’t wait to dive into his book that I just got about being a MAN! because I like being a MAN! Yeah! GO SUMMIT!
    By the way Caitlin really is a good Ultimate Frisbee player, she just won’t let you know it. HA Ha - Lee McCarty

  • August 04, 2009 // 04:37 pm //  # 
    Lee McCarty's avatar Lee McCarty

    oops! I just realized that I posted twice. Sorry my computer is just plain crazy. God Bless everyone who reads this message and everyone who doesn’t.

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