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July 25, 2009

Tennessee Session Two- 7/25/09

Tennessee Session Two- 7/25/09

Its day 7 and we are half way through the session. All the speakers have been fantastic and mind blowing. The days are just all flowing together but have been changing to me personally. It is my second year here and I'm learning something new from every session. Every day after our minds have been blown away by the speakers, we come together for a recap in small groups that always have deep discussions - after all the jokes in the first twenty minutes.
Today was only a half day of classes and the rest was up to us. I decided to go to Chattanooga to talk with the locals. Our goal was to just get a friendly conversation with the people there in the city and see where God would take it. While at a gas station my friends told me to buy a rose for no reason. So I did that and ended up giving it away at Walgreens to an old lady. I first approached her and asked her how she was doing and if she needed any help. She replied saying no and I then asked her after some small talk if she wanted the rose. She said "don't you have someone more special to give it to?" I quickly replied that I wanted to give her the beautiful rose and her smile was priceless. She accepted the small gift and continued on her day. The story was nothing big, just a small gift and the rest was up to God. Who knows what that might have meant to her. All I know, it was an awesome trip!
Tomorrow is Sunday and supposed to be our day of rest. But not for us adventurous types - we are going whitewater rafting. Some are going to the Zoo and the rest are being more conservative and doing things like laundry. Exciting right?
Alright, that is it and its back to the summit community. Please be praying for us as we are seeking to understand God and continue our week of session after session. And always pray that God's plan and purpose will be done. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed,

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  • May 20, 2010 // 05:44 am //  # 
    GraceAnn Cox's avatar GraceAnn Cox

    wow…i am so excited about attending Summit this coming July! i think i started reading these blogs in the middle haha…but thats ok guess i saw them form a different angle! anyway i think going out a sharing or even just making small talk with someone i didn’t know has always been a fear of mine. but i think ur blog has just let me realize that its not quite as complex as people make it sound! Thanks…

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