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July 19, 2011

Summit at Tenessee (Blog 1)

Summit has been probably the best experiences in my life. First off the kids here are amazing! I did not meet one rude person. The guys happily take your plates and hold the doors for you. I come from a public school community, so I have never been around so many genuinely nice teenagers. The speakers here are unbelievably amazing. The insightful information they give us makes me think about everything in a new way. I always grew up having to defend my Christian faith and moral beliefs at school. At Summit the speakers will use the word “pro-life” and “conservative” and there is no objection. This sense of unity is such a luxury compared to my school! The actual content of the lectures really make me think critically. We are allowed to voice our opinions and ask questions. The speakers treat us like adults and take us seriously. I know I will take the topics of abortion, worldview, media influence, bible history, and family and apply it to my life. I will be even more confident going into a debate or conversation once I am at school. The biggest thing I learned at Summit is the importance of asking good questions. The person who asks the questions like ” How do you know that? Or What is your definition of “X”? Or what is your source?” Will have an upperhand in the debate. Most of the time the other person will be unprepared to give you a solid answer or try to change the subject. The goal is to get them to contradict what they told you. So not only have I learned valuable information here, I learned to use debate strategies to my advantage. I absolutly love the atmosphere here. It is amazing how 300 kids from all walks of life can come to Summit and accomplish the same goal: teach others about Jesus and defend your faith with evidence.

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