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July 23, 2008

Session Two - Day Two

This is my second time attending the Summit. I truly believe this camp is essential for all youth and people of college age. Arriving here a day early was pretty fun. I got to chill with all the staff and see them off the "clock." The staff here are truly amazing. Watching how they act and treat me is inspiring. The staff goes through weeks of Bible study before they even come to the training. Their main goal is to set an amazing example for us.
12:00! Sunday! Registration day! Getting our keys and papers etc... was as easy as could be as I enjoyed watching the energy and very visible cheer and happiness just to be here and welcome the new people. Getting moved into the rooms brought back a lot of memories... due to the fact that all the dorms look exactly the same as last year! But it was amazing to be back on the Bryan campus.
Standing in the line on the way to dinner I was a little scared (the food wasn't too good last year.) But to my surprise it wasn't too bad! Oh just to be at a table full of people you do not know is why Summit rocks! We are all here for a common reason. After dinner we all head to our first session, the welcome/introduction/orientation session. Josh Bales was here was again to lead us in worship. At the end Ben Williams introduced David and Allison (the Assistant Directors) who in turn introduced the rest of the staff. They also told us what small groups we are in. my small group leader is David Parker and a bunch of really cook guys are in my group.
Not even a few minutes after the first small group meeting a volleyball game broke out! The most important thing about that is the fellowship that all the students share and experience. Through all the sports and meals and free time and other activities we spend a lot of time together and build relationships and friendships.
I love this camp and will be back again next year and hopefully work with and for Summit for years to come.
I think I speak for a very large community of students when I say that John Stonestreet is an irreplaceable teacher at Summit. His speaking style is passionate, engaging and winsome. His large amount of knowledge and his obvious desire to tell others about the urgent situation in our world is inspiring to me. While some may find him to be slightly straightforward in some respects (as he readily admits), I think this is one of the things that allows him to communicate the truth in the way that it often needs to be communicated.
Additionally, it's obvious that Mr. Stonestreet truly has a heart for our today's youth--his own two daughters definitely included. To me, this is demonstrated not only by the tremendous respect he shows for others who may disagree or question what he teaches, but by his cultural savvy. By this, I mean that he studies what today's teenagers and college students are plugged into. Name just about any song, movie or piece of art. John Stonestreet knows about it, and knows how to use it to communicate his ideas effectively. I suppose I find this impressive because many adult teachers--while they are speaking the truth--sometimes lack the tact to validate where today's generation is coming from.
Unfortunately, I can't say that these thoughts quite justify how much I respect and am impressed with Mr. Stonestreet. If you haven't met or at least heard of Stonestreet, then hopefully, by reading this, you're getting something of an idea of how great a role-model and person he really is.

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